Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Executives

Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Executives is a uniquely designed financial curriculum for executives who are already successful in their “first language” (for instance, operations, technology, engineering, marketing, science, and sales), and who require finance as their “second language” to progress in their career.

Through lively lectures, high-energy break-out sessions, and diverse peer interaction, you become immersed in the language of finance and return to your company with revitalized confidence, persuasiveness and promotability.  Participants from all industries and disciplines share “ah-ha” moments that are described in our testimonial videos as “transformative” and “career changing.”

Our graduates forecast that their improved financial decision making will add an average of $3 million to their companies’ profits! Dramatic benefits such as these occur because our instructors and guest speakers have extensive corporate experience at world-class companies such as General Electric and Longs Drugs and will share proven and immediately useful real-world insights and advice.

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Registration Deadlines:
May 2017 Program  — May 4, 2017
October 2017 Program — October 5, 2017

Key Takeaways

Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Executives (FANFE) features a curriculum called “Speak the Language of Finance” uniquely designed to elevate your confidence, persuasiveness, and promotability.

"I want to de-mystify the numbers for you. So, having developed executive's financial literacy at world class companies like General Electric for the last 15 years, I've distilled all the finance you need for day-to-day management into The Dialects of Finance™: Insight, Foresight, Oversight™."  -- Faculty Director Toshi Shibano, PhD

How do the Dialects of Finance improve the ability of non-financial executives to be effective value creators?

  • The Insight dialect clarifies your role in how your company makes money and creates value.

  • The Foresight dialect improves your ability to make value creating decisions.

  • The Oversight dialect guides you in delivering on your performance commitments.

Our program improves 10 Insight, Foresight and Oversight competencies that are crucial in strengthening your confidence, persuasiveness, and promotability:

Insight competencies

1. Understanding your role in how your company makes money and creates shareholder value.

2. Knowing how to use financial statements and ratios to analyze your company's performance.

3. Understanding how growth and risk drives company value and how you affect those value drivers.

Foresight competencies

4. Knowing how to rigorously justify your decisions quantitatively and qualitatively. 

5. Learning best practices for persuasively presenting your plans and decisions.

6. Forecasting and managing revenue and expenses to increase shareholder value.

7. Accounting for the value of your customers, employees, processes and products.

Oversight competencies

8. Understanding your company's operating system and your accountability for targets and commitments.

9. Presenting your operating results using the language of variances, drivers, and trends.

10. Communicating confidently and persuasively about financial matters.

We guarantee that you will make measureable improvements in all ten competencies. From a recent FANFE class, the following chart shows the participants’ dramatic improvements in the ten competencies we listed above.   Click here for the chart

Who Should Attend

Ideal candidates include:

  • C-Suite executives who want to secure their company’s future with sound financial management, and who want to drive their company’s performance by aligning decision-making with shareholder value creation. These executives are interested in creating a culture of financial rigor and accountability in their organization.
  • Executives from for-profit corporations who are transitioning to greater levels of authority and budget responsibilities. These executives want to acquire the financial language to confidently and persuasively manage at this level.
  • Executives with expertise and fluency in their “first language”  — marketing, project management, operations, procurement, engineering, programming, software and hardware development, human resources, and more — who want to master finance as their “second language.”
  • Non-financial executives who want to join the financial conversation with confidence, who want to be more persuasive with their colleagues, and who want to be strategic partners with their leadership.


Dates and Registration

Fee: $6,850
Location: Berkeley, California

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Dr. Toshi Shibano founded in 1995 and has since served as Faculty Director of UC Berkeley’s Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Executives program. He serves, since 2000, on the finance faculty...