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In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, it is essential that a leader continually enhances their management acumen and broadens their mindset. Meeting a range of emerging business educational needs is the UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education. Year round, we offer a suite of open enrollment programs that provide high-potential individuals the game-changing competitive edge that they need to succeed in their fields.

Taught by the experts
In our open enrollment programs, you will learn from leading faculty from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, as well as from renowned faculty across the Berkeley campus. Ranked the #1 public research university in the world, UC Berkeley has a depth of resources and expertise recognized around the world.

Home to nearly two dozen Nobel Laureates and some of the most forward-thinking minds in higher education, our university is located in the vibrant business ecosystem of the Bay Area. Industry executives and thought leaders from the Silicon Valley are regularly integrated into our open enrollment programs, complementing our faculty expertise with real-world, real-time case studies and analyses.

Certificate of Business Excellence

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Learn the latest in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and innovation in one of the most stimulating business environments in the world.


Cultivating path-bending leaders is a hallmark of Berkeley Haas. Our portfolio of leadership programs reflect our four defining principles and our dedication to providing an optimal learning environment for business professionals of every industry.


Our unique portfolio of management programs provide powerful and transformative learning experiences for managers looking to enhance their self-awareness, build new skillsets, and drive performance and innovation within their teams.