The Executive Coaching Institute

The coaching institute is for individuals interested in entering the field of executive coaching, as well as executives seeking to become better managers and leaders.

This two week coaching workshop will offer intensive study in mastery of the Active Communicating® coaching methodology. This methodology is based on our belief that the coach is a catalyst, and all good managers must have excellent coaching skills.

The program consists of over 90 contact hours of group classes, individual tutorials and coaching and weekly practicum that will lead to a certificate of completion awarded from the Center for Executive Education at the University of California, Berkeley.

The primary focus of the executive coach training is for participants to learn the skill set that is necessary to coach a variety of business professionals as well as work groups. The coaching session is a one-on-one conversation between a leader and peers or direct reports that utilize the following skills:

  • Setting the Stage: Preparing the physical environment and clarifying the intention of the coaching session
  • Tracking: Building awareness of behavior, thought processes, and actions
  • Inquiry: Asking open-ended, curious questions
  • Naming It: Bringing to light those things that are unspoken but are obstacles to moving forward
  • Playback: Listening with the intent of playing back what the speaker said
  • Effective Feedback: Offering specific, focused, balanced feedback to overcome obstacles and foster a change in behavior
  • Serving as a Sounding Board: Bringing forth full presence and practicing unconditional positive regard

Key Takeaways

Who Should Attend


  • Internal coaches
  • Corporate leaders

Client Service Professionals

  • Individuals or firms in consulting, law, health care, staffing services

Aspiring and Growing Coaches

  • Individuals who want to enter a new profession of Executive Coaching Practicing coaches seeking to learn a new methodology


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