Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Executives




Speak the Language of Finance™ is a uniquely designed financial curriculum for executives who are already successful in their “first language” (for instance, operations, technology, engineering, marketing, science, and sales), and who require finance as their “second language” to progress in their career.

Through lively lectures, high-energy break-out sessions, and diverse peer interaction, you will become immersed in the language of finance. Instructors with extensive corporate experience and guest speakers with relevant real-world insights add to the excitement of the week-long program. Participants from all industries and disciplines share “ah-ha” moments that are described in our testimonial videos as “transformative” and “career changing.”

You will return to work prepared to join your company’s financial conversation and align yourself as a strategic partner with your leadership. Speak the Language of Finance™ will revitalize your confidence, persuasiveness, and promotability.

Dates and Registration

Oct 12, 2015 to Oct 16, 2015
Location: Berkeley, California
May 2, 2016 to May 6, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
Oct 10, 2016 to Oct 14, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
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Fee: $6,850
Corporate Discount: Register 5 individuals from your company for the price of 4.


Toshi Shibano, PhD
Faculty Director
" The course offered an excellent framework for Financial Analysis, and worked through all the key concepts necessary to understand the lifecycle of financial reporting, analysis and decision-making. I feel significantly more empowered in my role because I now have a greater mastery this critical second language we all need in business.  Thank you for running such an excellent program, I truly appreciate the work you are doing and the value it has brought to my career. "
– Mark McKenzie, Managing Director of APJC Data Center CoE, CISCO
" This program complements my very strong operations background. My conversations are going to be very different now...the framework — the system of insight, foresight and oversight — was fantastic for me. "
– Sandra Stelling, Managing Director, Alaska Airlines
" It was really interesting to see how financing, investing, and operations tie together in a business cycle and how insight, foresight and oversight tie together in a cycle. Understanding how this cycle pulls together makes me more of a strategic partner. "
– Lenny Comma, Executive Vice President, COO, Jack In The Box, Inc.
" Toshi is a great teacher. He keeps the balance between the content he's presenting and getting involvement and discussions within the class. That keeps it very lively and energized. What I learned this week will bring value to our company. "
– Tom Gallo, CEO, Strategic Business Development, G3 Enterprises, E&J Gallo
" Trying to become a more effective leader is the key for me. The finance piece was a missing link for me to being a well-rounded executive. And now I have the financial language. "
– Corey Padovano, Director of Commercial Operations, Merc
" I recently transitioned into an operations role from my role in science and technology and it is important for me to be able to be on the same financial language level as my colleagues. "
– Lisa Decker, Executive Director, Business Strategy and Operations, Nektar Therapeutics
" The small group breakouts were fantastic, and I loved the guest speakers who bring the real world scenarios to bring the principals to life. "
– Serena Wellen, Esq., Director of Content Development, Mathew Bender LexisNexis
" Every day I came out with another Ah-Ha Moment. The program was really transformative for me. "
– Kathy Rokni, Global Content Manager, Google
" I was very impressed with Dr. Shibano's teaching style and ability to take a complicated topic and present it in a way that could be understood by non financial managers. "
– Evelyn Launius, Sr. Project Manager, Hill Physicians
" Loved the program. Toshi was great and taught us the language of finance well. "
– Manisha Gupta, Senior Manager, Product Consulting, LinkedIn