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In our intensive and interactive three-day program you will evaluate your own skills and predispositions, test yourself and the key concepts through a series of tough exercises, and dissect your performance with an eye toward fine-tuning your negotiating and influencing abilities. Unlike other trainings, which teach distributive, short-term negotiation skills, our interactive program helps you develop long-term, high-productivity relationships critical to business success.

Dates and Registration

Dec 7, 2015 to Dec 9, 2015
Location: Berkeley, California
Mar 21, 2016 to Mar 23, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
Jun 6, 2016 to Jun 8, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
Dec 5, 2016 to Dec 7, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
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Fee: $4,200
Corporate Discount: Register 5 individuals from your company for the price of 4.


Holly Schroth
Faculty Director
" Whether you are a senior executive, or a new manager, you will find value not just in the coursework but also through the interactive sessions, simulations, and case studies. It is rare to be in a room with so many talented and experienced individuals and the peer interactions were truly something to remember. With so many options for training these days The Center for UC Berkeley Executive Education programs is well worth the investment of both your money and time.  "
– Nick Pietrocarlo, Senior IT Manager, Royal Carribean Cruises Ltd.
" My recent experience with the Executive Education program of Berkeley was excellent.  The three day course on Negotiations and Influence taught by Professor Holly Schroth provided key insights into achieving mutually beneficial, long term agreements, and how to reach those agreements more amicably.  Without a doubt, I am a more effective negotiator for having taken this course.  Given the scope and breadth of the deals we make on a yearly basis, even a small improvement in our effectiveness represents a huge ROI.   "
– Neil Bernardi, General Manager, Duckhorn Wine Company
" I was extremely pleased with the value I received at the negotiations course at the UC Berkeley Center for Executive Development. I left this program with what I needed for immediate results and a new found confidence in negotiations. "
– Steve Carn, Sr. Manager, Yahoo!
" On the first day you challenged us to learn something that would help us immediately. I give the course a 100 and am going to send my executive sales team to this course! "
– Bob Flury, VP of Sales, Vocera Communications
" The hands-on practice negotiations are incredibly helpful. This is one of the best classes I've ever taken! "
– Simon Gong, Senior Analyst, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
" Since taking the UC Berkeley Negotiations course, my confidence level in negotiations has increased, and I'm more conscious of doing the right research before starting conversations. This course is very user-friendly and practical. "
– Brandy Christensen, Associate, Shartsis Friese LLP
" The week I attended the UC Berkeley Negotiation program I was on the verge of losing a big internal deal. The day after Holly Schroth's class, I went into a meeting with my customer and not only closed the deal, I built the foundation for a great long-term relationship. "
– Andy Smith, Vice President of Corporate IT, McKesson Corporation
" I am very impressed with this course! "
– Johannes de Groot, Senior Director of Operations, Zoran Corp
" I came away from UC Berkeley's Negotiations & Influence Program with a new understanding of many different negotiation strategies, particularly the value of pursuing a collaborative style, being integrative rather than distributive. I will highly recommend the program to colleagues and friends "
– Apurva Shah, Supervising Technical Director, Pixar Animation Studios
" Anyone involved in negotiations will benefit from UC Berkeley's Negotiations & Influence Program. It offers useful strategies as well as broad concepts that I will immediately incorporate into my job performance. "
– Mark Weiss, Director Business Development, Trulia
" I can think of no institution better for your continued learning than the Berkeley Center for Executive Development. Whether you're a Fortune 50 CEO, or a videogame creator, your attitudes and understandings of markets, organizations, and consumers will be profoundly affected by the guidance of the Haas School faculty. "
– Scott Foe, Videogame Creator, Nokia
" The course posed great scenarios with in depth review of strategies and valuable nuggets of information. An excellent investment in professional development that will help me do my job better immediately, working with both internal and external partners. "
– Daniel Olstein, Acting Project Director, The Nature Conservancy
" This program was a positive and solid experience; it's applicable to many aspects of life and work. The practice exercises were very useful and the advice was practical, succinct and actionable. "
– Paul Weiss, CIO, University of California Office of the President
" The UC Berkeley Negotiations training program provided me with many tools to improve my critical reasoning process. The content was excellent, the role playing hit home and Holly was fantastic! "
– Liz Williams, Regional Sales Manager, Paychex
" The Negotiations course at UC Berkeley was a great investment of time and money that has already paid dividends. I recently found myself in a tense situation where I asked myself "How would Holly deal with this?" UC Berkeley's Negotiations & Influence Program offers a well-organized system of scenarios and strategies. I know I will be much more effective in dealing with high conflict situations and resolving stalled negotiations thanks to the role playing exercises. "
– Angela Barnett, Independent Marketing & Sales
" I really enjoyed the Negotiation Program and already recommended it to some of my colleagues. The breadth, depth, and quality of the material was impressive and I really enjoyed Holly's style. She was clear, knowledgeable, energetic, and very interesting. The exercises were thought provoking and tied the material back to reality. I also thought the program logistics were great. Specifically, check-in, parking, food, sticking to the agenda, and coordination of the exercises were all excellent! "
– John Schuster, Senior Director, Engineering, Cisco Systems
" This was a great course: it's relevant, fun, and drastically improved my negotiation skills. "
– Hanna Pantle, AVP Corporate Communications and Media Relations, BMI
" Fantastic! Best seminar I have attended. Very practical skills I feel I can apply immediately. "
– Sarah Cravens, HR Business Partner, Intuitive Surgical
" The UC Berkeley Center for Executive Development's Negotiations course is well structured and engaging. The entire program is relevant and very well thought through, and the active role playing was very helpful in learning how to negotiate with more structure. "
– Chris Talbot, Senior Director, Strategic Licensing Group, Applied Materials
" The Negotiations course at UC Berkeley was a great investment of time and money that has already paid dividends. I recently found myself in a tense situation where I asked myself "How would Holly deal with this?" UC Berkeley's Negotiations & Influence Program offers a well-organized system of scenarios and strategies. I know I will be much more effective in dealing with high conflict situations and resolving stalled negotiations thanks to the role playing exercises. "
– Angela Barnett, Independent Marketing & Sales
" The best part about this course is the exercises: the negotiation simulations were fun, engaging and very practical. "
– Kirstin Gail, Product Manager, Autodesk
" Holly was fantastic – we learned immediately applicable ways to negotiate better. This Negotiations program is the best I have attended. "
– Michael Solomon, Director, Business Development, Abaxis, Inc.
" Learning how to negotiate is a universal skill. This program makes it not only easy and interesting, but fun. "
– Diana Ding, Founder and Owner, Eden Information Service Limited
" The Negotiations and Influence program highly exceeded all my expectations. All the parties involved were very professional and helpful; there was an excellent combination of classroom discussion and practical exercises. "
– Isaac Espinoza, Actuary, Greenlight Re
" Role playing exercises make UC Berkeley's Negotiations & Influence Program a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain new strategies that can be used right away to become a more skillful negotiator. "
– Suzanne Doughty, Regional Vice President, Vocera
" UC Berkeley's Negotiations & Influence Program offers an effective mix of theory and practice to completely immerse participants in the art of negotiation in both personal and professional settings. A first rate program! "
– John McMorris, School Principal
" I had taken a Negotiations class in another reputed business school but it did not prepare me for negotiations in the real-world. This course provides very practical tips and the group exercises emulate the toughest real-world scenarios. I highly recommend it! "
– Vidya Raman, Global Product Planning Manager, Medtronic
" UC Berkeley's Negotiations & Influence Program was extremely beneficial to me. I feel better prepared to work collaboratively with senior leadership, my peers, and my team as well as better equipped to address complex & delicate situations.  "
– Dave Lobo, Group Manager, Verizon
" Excellent program that will help me take away many tools to use in my job. Holly is excellent in getting points across. Great program – a must take. "
– Shaffi Poswal, VP and District Manager, Wells Fargo & Co.
" A solid overall program.  The course taught me negotiations skills and helped me understand how I react personally while in a negotiation setting. "
– Bob Byrtus, Lubricants Business Manager, Chevron
" Very well done! Engaging, good use of time, excellent instructor, great content. I highly recommend it. "
– Laura Jensen, Conservation Practitioner, the Nature Conservancy
" This course is good for all jobs and all positions! "
– Ryan Tankoos, Business Development Manager, Global Collect Services
" The negotiations course at UC Berkeley was very valuable.  The professor was very knowledgeable, and the content was well planned, organized, efficient and interactive. I will be able to immediately implement the negotiation skills I gained in the course. "
– Erin Tanner, Account Manager, Global Collect Services
" This course was my first exposure to negotiation techniques and has provided me with a solid foundation on which to build. It was well organized and the instructor was excellent. "
– Cathleen Stubblefield, Group Marketing Manager, Roche Diagnostics Corporation
" The UC Berkeley negotiations training program gave me confidence in my own skills and an awareness of the needs and motivations of others. "
– Maria Wilson, Senior Scientist, Metabolex, Inc.
" This course helped me identify and use my own strengths while learning new skills that I can immediately implement.  I was able to add to my natural skill set. "
– Jason Veitch, Regional Business Director, Altus Traffic
"The Negotiations program at UC Berkeley is thorough, challenging, and very interactive. It is rigorous training and a great marriage of theory and practical experience. "
– David Lundberg, Managing Director, Altus Traffic
" I really liked how Holly incorporated real stories and case studies into the teaching. "
– Jamie Dean, Associate Program Officer, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
" Very helpful and exciting experience! Good to add to my management tool kit. "
– Debbie Garavito, Group Technology Manager, Wells Fargo
" Holly is an awesome lecturer, and a very engaging speaker. My favorite parts of the Berkeley Negotiations program were the sessions on team negotiations and shadow negotiations, as well as learning how to facilitate the negotiation process. "
– PJ Alviso, Vineyard Manager, Duckhorn Wine Company
" The Berkeley Negotiations course is well organized and well run. The professor and staff create a welcoming and open learning environment that is incomparable to other executive education programs. There is great value in the interactive sessions and the one-on-one negotiation exercises. I appreciated how relevant the case studies were. The course is an excellent investment in developing negotiations skills. "
– Olya Singer, Senior Program Manager, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
" The UC Berkeley Negotiations course was fantastic. Well done. Great discussions and the flow was right on. A lot of great material over just 2 short days! "
– Chris Keller, Senior Manager, Applied Materials
" A very engaging, highly dynamic program with great interaction and feedback from colleagues. I had been on the right path, but this program gave me a better idea of why or why not I was successful in my negotiations in the past. Phenomenal! "
– Candia Brown, Business Manager, Applied Biosystems
" Holly's well-structured engaging course delivery with excellent arrangements by the program staff makes this a must-attend executive program for all managers.  Not only will you find this intriguing and useful with your professional work but also useful on your day-to-day interactions with others. "
– Pethuraj Perumal, IT Storage Manager, Nvidia Corporation
" Professor Holly Schroth is as talented a teacher as you will come across at any level of education. Her Negotiations Program offered by UC Berkeley's Center for Executive Education has improved my ability to successfully compete in my business environment. I would recommend this class to anyone in any line of work. "
– Jonathan Carr, Development Manager, Grosvenor Americas
" My favorite take-home lesson from the Berkeley Negotiation course is the idea of setting resistance and aspiration points. It has been great getting back to work and implementing the ideas learnt during the program. "
– Jonathon Ross, Business Development Manager, MLC NAB Wealth
" The UC Berkeley Negotiations program teaches best practices in negotiations and you remember them well after trying them out in well structured, role playing, breakout sessions. "
– Jaydan D. Tait, Senior Development Manager, Grosvenor Americas
" I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who negotiates as part of their job including seasoned negotiators who would like to learn fresh approaches. "
– Jade Boneff-Walsh, Global Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Entrepreneurs' Organization
" The UC Berkeley Negotiations course does a great job in providing relevant training and hands on practice. I am confident that applying what I learned in class will help lead to significant business results. "
– Byron Tatsumi, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Charles Schwab
" Professor Holly Schroth was fantastic at imparting real world, practical experience in the UC Berkeley Negotiation program. I have already much improved my negotiation outcomes by going into meetings prepared with my target, aspiration, and resistance points. "
– Scott Sullivan, IT Project Manager, Contra Costa County
" The UC Berkeley Negotiations course is run by excellent faculty and presents practical content. I came away with many great techniques and strategies on how to facilitate and structure negotiations. "
– Michael Downey, Head of Aligned Sales, MLC nab Wealth - Australia
" The Negotiations Program offered by UC Berkeley's Center for Executive Education has given me new insights into my personal style that has enabled me to leverage my own strengths and weaknesses to be a more effective negotiator. "
– Murray Phimester, CFO, Mendel Biotechnology
" Our meetings are big and managing the agenda is usually an exercise in herding cats. After attending the UC Berkeley Negotiations program, I was able to finally have a meeting that focused more on product than on process. "
– Rainer Hoenicke, Deputy Director, San Francisco Estuary Institute
" The Berkeley Negotiations program's professor, Holly Schroth, is an incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, and accomplished facilitator - I really enjoyed her teaching style, the practical industry applied references, and the useful working groups. "
– Simik Sarkis-Kelly, Director of Strategic & Enterprise Process Integration, McKesson Corporation
" We have been able to experience quick value and return on our investment in the negotiations class taught at UC Berkeley. Immediately after the course (and thanks to it), we closed an opportunity over a quarter million dollars at a price point very close to our aspiration point. "
– Eric Ruud, Senior Vice President of Sales, Sabrix
" Innovative content, outstanding presentation and experienced senior-level peers created a high value course that I will definitely recommend to my colleagues. "
– Shaun Braun, Director of Development, Oracle Corporation
" The Haas Negotiations program provides an excellent mix of classroom theory and simulation-based training. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to negotiate in their job. "
– Josh Shinoff, Senior Manager of Licensing, Strategy &; Business Development, Applied Biosystem
" Holly is a fantastic lecturer, she is very engaging and knowledgeable, and I feel lucky to have had the chance to attend UC Berkeley's Negotiations course. One of the most useful lessons was on thinking critically about negotiation tactics. "
– Neil Bernardi, General Manager, Duckhorn Wine Company
" As a Haas Alumni, I thought that I had all the courses and learning that I could handle in my 3 years at Berkeley.  As I grew in my career, our culture rang so true, we will have a lifetime of learning and it doesn’t end when you graduate.  Berkeley’s Executive Education courses not only allowed me a chance to stay up-to-date with the latest case studies and academic research, it allowed me to take the relevant courses I needed at a specific moment in my career.  Whether it was the Negotiations course to help me in creating win-win negotiations, or the Product Management course that shifted my career from an Operation focus to a Product focus, or refreshing my strategic mind with the Strategy in Competitive Market course.  All of these courses were extremely high in quality and relevant in immediate applications.  The courses had a good balance between some of the best Professors, business models/frameworks, academic research, real world case studies/guest speakers and of course shared experiences with a diverse group of classmates.  I challenge all Executives to step out of the day-to-day operations of your busy lives to be challenged and stimulated to elevate your thinking and come back with different perspectives to broaden your perspective and take your companies to the next level. "
– Alan Wang, Entrepreneur, Haas MBA 2011