You’ve worked hard to develop expertise in your field, and earn recognition and success within your organization. Now you’re moving up to management, which brings a whole new world of exciting possibilities, but potential challenges and uncertainties too.

Many of us are promoted to manager, but rarely are trained to be one. Mastering the art and science of effective management requires an additional set of skills, which when learned can often transform the daunting task of management into something profoundly satisfying. Your organization benefits too.

Build Skills and Confidence 
Our New Manager Boot Camp is designed to prepare you for your new management role. Structured specifically for recently promoted engineers, scientists or others in high tech, course topics include:

  • Understanding Your Challenges as a New Manager
  • Knowing Your Leadership Style
  • Leading Through Rapport
  • Creating Dynamic Teams
  • Managing Your Team, Influencing Direct Reports Working Effectively in Geo-distributed Teams

Using a combination of lectures, case studies and individual and group exercises, this 3-day course prepares you to manage – and lead – effectively and with confidence. You’ll also hear from professionals from high-profile companies like Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Amgen about their personal experiences as new managers, lessons learned and tips for success.

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Dates and Registration

Fee: $5,375
Location: Berkeley, California

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Key Takeaways

Upon course completion, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify, assess and retain talent
  • Effectively structure and manage teams
  • Ensure effective time management and task delegation
  • Lead and develop – inspire and engage – your individual team members 
  • Hire and fire – quickly, professionally and without threat of a lawsuit Harness the power of communication Prioritize and make quality decisions
Who Should Attend

Recently promoted:

  • Scientists Engineers
  • High-tech professionals
  • Anyone considering or recently moved into a supervisory role