New Manager Boot Camp




New Manager Boot Camp

Many professionals are promoted to manager, but are rarely trained to be one. Mastering the art and science of effective management requires an additional set of skills—skills that, when mastered, can transform the challenging task of management into something profoundly satisfying.  Our New Manager Boot Camp is here to move you forward quickly, so you can inspire and engage others, and motivate your team to achieve great things.

This program includes a set of introductory online learning modules to maximize the in-person classroom experience, as well as followup webinars and office hours to accelerate the application of learning to participants' work.

"The UC Berkeley New Manager Boot Camp offers a balanced mix of topics and focus areas in a well-organized 3 day program. I highly recommend new managers take this outstanding course sooner rather than later."
- Simon DiMaio. Manager of Applied Research, Intuitive Surgical 

This intensive management training program is designed specifically for recently promoted engineers and scientists who want to excel as leaders in the dynamic high tech and life sciences industries. The program includes a combination of lectures, case studies, and individual and group exercises designed to give you tools that will immediately enhance your ability to lead effectively.

Award-winning faculty and industry leaders from the worlds of high tech and life sciences will team up in this two and a half day program to ensure you are ready to face the challenges of assembling and retaining the best talent, engaging and inspiring others, prioritizing and making quality decisions, navigating your organization’s unique power structure to get things done, and mastering the art of personal, group, and remote communications. The program also provides many opportunities for you to learn from highly accomplished peers facing similar challenges.

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Dates and Registration

Sep 8, 2015 to Sep 10, 2015
Location: Berkeley, California
Dec 1, 2015 to Dec 3, 2015
Location: Berkeley, California
Feb 22, 2016 to Feb 24, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
Sep 6, 2016 to Sep 8, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
Dec 5, 2016 to Dec 7, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
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Fee: $5,375


Homa Bahrami
Faculty Director
Senior Lecturer
Jane Creech
Jennifer Chatman
Cort Worthington, MBA
" Top notch instructors imparted skills I will use for the rest of my life.  I highly recommend the UC Berkeley New Manager Boot Camp. "
– Eric Thomasson, Service Manager, Peterson Tractor
" The discussion about leadership styles was extremely well done. The instructors were truly world-class, and I was fully engaged the entire time. I took delivery of a tantalizing new generation iPhone on one of the days, and was so riveted by the course that I forgot about the phone. "
– Alan Cooney, Sr. Electrical Engineer, Berkeley Bionics
" UC Berkeley's New Manager Boot Camp is a well-structured, thought-provoking, and highly interactive program for developing your leadership capabilities. Over the course of three days, through multiple exercises, lectures, and case studies, I developed a plan to significantly increase the productivity of my team. "
– Bryan Liu,
" The New Manager Boot Camp professors were extremely credible, practical, and approachable—great educators who went out of their way to listen to my questions, and give thoughtful answers that I could use back in the office.  The program also did an excellent job of tapping the expertise of an impressive group of participants.  I was easily able to connect with peers to trade insights on any issue that was on my mind.  This is an excellent, well-organized program. "
– Allen Helvajian, Manager, RMA Department, Calix
" Challenging exercises, real-world case studies and content-rich lectures helped me gain new insights and skills.  A highly organized, well-presented program that fills in the gaps for new managers. "
– Brent Rojas, Project Manager, On24
" I loved the sessions, they were incredibly useful. The lecturers were engaging and made abstract concepts concrete and applicable. "
– Bernadette Huang, Product Manager,
" It was a real honor to be able to participate in this absolutely excellent program. It has a good mix of breakout exercises and class time, and of lecturing and discussion. The group is a good size and the sequence of the sessions flow extremely well. I feel I'm achieving successes already through implementing and practicing some key lessons learned. "
– Wendy Smith, Recruiting Services Manager, CB& I
" I loved the enthusiasm of the speakers – it spilled over to the class for a very positive and thought-provoking experience. "
– Francis Hempenstall, Senior Process Scientist, Ampac Fine Chemicals
" You first get a good overview of the topic, and then practical advice on how to apply it. It's a great program, I would definitely recommend it. "
– Zach Crittendon, Marketing Manager, Adchemy Inc
" I personally entered the program as a skeptic, but exited as a convert. "
– Yujin Kiem, Art Director, Nihilistic Software
" My decision to invest time and resources in attending the Berkeley New Manager Boot Camp was absolutely worthwhile. I've never participated in such an insightful, inspiring and most importantly practical program. Being Japanese, I learned a lot about building rapport in multi-cultural environments. This experience gave me renewed passion for the next steps in my next career. Thank you for a fantastic program! "
– Koji Fukada, Solution Manager, Cisco Systems
" Thank you for the wonderful learning opportunity that the UC Berkeley New Manager Boot Camp provided. The course exceeded my expectations and taught me valuable concepts about leadership, rapport, team building, human behavior and management skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and have recommended that others in my organization participate in this high quality and rewarding educational experience. "
– Brian Keyes, Sr. Executive Representative II, Astellas Oncology