Pricing for Profitability in the Information Age




"I can't imagine a course yielding a higher ROI than this."
- Murray Innes, Manager, Mobile Augers & Research Ltd.

Companies leave millions of dollars on the table every year through sub-optimal pricing practices. The current abundance of customer data, in the context of increased global competition and the instant information sharing made possible by the internet, requires companies to not only set the right prices, but to continually monitor and refine pricing.

The Berkeley-Haas Pricing program equips managers with proven techniques for assessing, formulating, and monitoring pricing strategies. Participants will learn several powerful principles of pricing, and will explore innovative approaches that take full advantage of the rapid changes brought about by the information age.

Dates and Registration

May 9, 2016 to May 12, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
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Fee: $4,900


John Morgan
Faculty Director
Gregory LaBlanc
David Mok
Director of Pricing at DePuy Spine (a Johnson & Johnson company)
Terry Taylor
Associate Professor
Ganesh Iyer, MBA, PhD
" Thanks for an all-around fantastic program! The UC Berkeley Pricing for Profitability class gave me up-to-date, practical tools to guarantee profit maximization, with well-chosen simulations and breakouts that brought the course material to life. "
– Steve Hoyem, Finance Director, Sales & Marketing, Maxim Integrated Products
" I'm so glad I took the UC Berkeley Pricing course. I now understand more about how our company can set pricing to optimize our revenue, and I can speak the same language as the product managers in our organization. I also have more ideas about how to request systems and process changes so we can improve our pricing at Adobe. "
– Katie Hingle, Group Manager, Business Operations, Adobe Systems
" Excellent program! The superb faculty members have great expertise and unique skills for teaching complex issues. What I gained on topics such as EVC and competitive sessions was well worth the time away from the office. "
– Andy Stacey, Unified Computing Technical Services- Product Manager, Cisco
" The classes, reading material and unique approach to pricing were very insightful. I am already implementing tools I learned into my work. Pricing For Profitability is essential professional development for anyone in marketing, operations, pricing or product management. "
– Reneta Jenik, Marketing Manager, SanDisk
" Pricing for Profitability is an immediate value-add – critical topics such as creative pricing, product line pricing and bundling and price customization are covered by top-notch instructors in a well-paced, engaging program. "
– Thomas Lim, CFO, VP Finance, TigerLogic Corporation
" Pricing for Profitability is an essential course for every leader responsible for the performance of their enterprise, division, or group. This isn't text-book learning; it's a roll up your sleeves, and let's put this to work approach that really helped my ability to translate course learnings into strategy and tactics my firm can deploy. I can't imagine a course yielding a higher ROI than this. "
– Murray Innes, Manager, Mobile Augers &; Research Ltd.
" A must attend for anyone involved in pricing! Taught by passionate, highly qualified faculty, Pricing for Profitability provides relevant information with real-world applications. I definitely got my money's worth and so will Cisco. "
– Shalabh Goel, Product Manager, Cisco
" No one can attend this course and think about pricing methodology the same way again. Whether you are introducing an innovative new technology, fighting a price war, or looking to extract more value from current products, the ideas and constructs taught during this course will be invaluable. With an economy in contraction and customers attempting to cut all costs, companies that are able to effectively evaluate a product's value and price appropriately will be well positioned to survive, if not thrive. "
– James Adams, Product Marketing Engineer Staff, Lam Research
" The instructors at the UC Berkeley CEE Pricing Course were the best - so passionate and excited about teaching and clearly the preeminent experts in their field. The examples they brought to the course were applicable and tangible - using everyday situations that made the concepts easy to grasp. I'm in the process of revamping our business model using what I learned in the course. "
– Patrick Macartee, Director of Product Management, MonteVista