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From Apple to Tesla, Google to Airbnb, Intel to Uber, and so many more, pioneering startups that have changed our modern world have been envisioned, launched and grown in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Yet for those who have never worked inside a startup, the entrepreneurial mystique and culture is difficult to penetrate and understand. How do great entrepreneurs launch and build successful startups? What are the tools and skills they use, the entrepreneurial mindset they employ, and the cultures they create? And how can we incorporate some of these groundbreaking capabilities and drivers of innovation and value inside larger enterprises?

Welcome to the “Startup Bootcamp for Executives,” a 3-day program at UC Berkeley that will fundamentally alter your perception and capabilities around how to drive entrepreneurial innovation and growth.  This intensive program provides an immersive and fast-paced introduction to entrepreneurship, with hands-on activities and exercises that provide participants with a deep understanding of what it is like to be an entrepreneur. During this week, we will form teams and dramatically compress the startup cycle, investigating the evolution from idea to concept to viable startup, and experimenting with customer discovery and product/market fit activities that startups undertake to test hypotheses and either validate their assumptions or pivot to more promising concepts.  We will engage in rapid prototyping of products and services, evaluate alternative business models, plan go-to-market campaigns, recruit and incent teams, and wrap up with a startup pitch competition where your venture competes for funding, replicating the entrepreneur's journey and experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Assess opportunities from the business landscape and ascertain their value for your firm
  • Leverage existing corporate strengths and talent to build the venture
  • Navigate procedural hurdles
  • Build enthusiasm and buy-in from internal stakeholders and the C-suite
  • Forge external reciprocal business partnerships to infuse new talent and ideas
  • Create teams with the right blend of individuals and skills to nimbly launch the venture

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs and VPs in finance, marketing, information technology, innovation and strategy
  • Heads of major business units/divisions
  • Senior executive responsible for promoting innovation or creating a new venture within an organization

Dates and Registration

Fee: $4,900
Program Length: 3 days
Location: Berkeley, California

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Nicole Salois


Program Director
John Danner
Lecturer, Haas School of Business
John Danner is a Lecturer of two MBA courses in venture development at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, University of California. Danner has over 30 years of professional experience advising...
Program Director
Mark Coopersmith
Senior Lecturer, Haas School of Business
Mark Coopersmith is a UC Berkeley Executive Faculty Director, instructor at Learn2Launch Berkeley, and founding Author in Residence of the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center.An educator, business leader,...
Program Director
Whitney Hischier
Lecturer, Haas School of Business
Whitney Hischier works with executives on managerial, consulting and entrepreneurship skills.  Previously, Hischier was a system implementation consultant for Deloitte, San Francisco, KPMG...