Strategy in Competitive Markets




Gain C-level perspectives from some of the most competitive, exciting companies in the Silicon Valley.

In today's fast-paced and highly unpredictable business environment, it is more essential than ever for business leaders to possess forward-looking techniques for assessing competition and positioning for competitive advantage.

An essential course in business strategy, Strategy in Competitive Markets, delivers forward-looking techniques for assessing competition and effective positioning for competitive advantage. The course covers all areas of strategy including interactive strategy, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and strategic repositioning. Participants take away practical methods for strategy formulation and implementation for business units and multi-business corporations. 

Dates and Registration

May 23, 2016 to May 26, 2016
Location: Berkeley, California
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Fee: $7,500
Corporate Discount: Register 5 individuals from your company for the price of 4.


Toby E. Stuart
Faculty Director
" What an outstanding course, the quality of the content, lecturers and class participants was simply World Class. Toby Stuart in particular is an amazing teacher, he has a great ability to guide the learning experience in an extremely engaging and challenging fashion, well done. I continue to be impressed with the Berkeley-Haas Executive Education program, this was my 6th or 7th class and every one to date has been true value for my investment. Thank you to everyone in the program for such a great product! "
– Mark McKenzie, Managing Director APJC Data Center, Cisco Systems
" The professors’ presentations of the select case studies focused on elements that framed the scenarios broadly and made the analyses applicable to many business sectors.  The learning experience was further enhanced by the deep class discussions on the forces that shape strategy.  If you need to think strategically, this course is a must. "
– Dr. Cesar Maldonado, P.E., President, Texas State Technical College Harlingen
" The Strategy in Competitive Markets program provides an intense and rewarding 5 day session, mixing theory with case studies and high-profile industry speakers, providing a unique blend of knowledge, group discussions and self-learning. Professor Stuart’s engaging style makes the whole experience first class, and enables those who attended to immediately apply learning to their day jobs. And with the great network of executives one creates with other participants, I can only highly recommend anyone looking after their business, brand or product line strategy to attend! "
– Gérard Métrailler, Senior Director of Product Management, Corel Corporation
" The course was a great experience (challenging, a tsunami of interesting items, and I experienced a great return on my investment ). I profit (ed) a lot from that. Strongly recommended. "
– Michael Witte, Head Strategic Marketing, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute
" I took Professor Toby Stuart’s Strategy Program in June, and last month I took Persuasive Communication Strategy where Adam Leipzig and Penny Kreitzer helped me refine my skills. I received a high visibility promotion after taking those 2 classes in combination, and attribute my promotion to the Exec Ed programs I took at Berkeley. "
– Maxx Lobo, Sr. Director, Corporate Development, M&A, RPX Corporation
" Joining this program was truly fabulous experience for me, in terms of its intensive coursework, massive information of selected business cases and Professor Stuart's careful guidance throughout the course. It was engaging, encouraging and worth traveling abroad and physically being present at Berkeley. I recommend it to a person who is truly serious about strategic thinking. "
– So Sasaki, Principal, Incubation Business Department, Global Brain Corporation
" The University of California Berkeley, Center for Executive Education, has been an outstanding program and resource as I look to emboldened my business knowledge. The program is very challenging, but extremely rewarding. To date, I have gained a deeper understanding of competition in Competitive Markets and Financial Analysis as a non-finance professional.  The Executive Education program introduces real-world business scenarios which provided me a more strategic perspective as I relate it to my experience, knowledge and job. Additionally, I’ve expanded my professional network and made friends with both, professors and students. "
– Christopher Gillis, Principal, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
" As a Haas Alumni, I thought that I had all the courses and learning that I could handle in my 3 years at Berkeley.  As I grew in my career, our culture rang so true, we will have a lifetime of learning and it doesn’t end when you graduate.  Berkeley’s Executive Education courses not only allowed me a chance to stay up-to-date with the latest case studies and academic research, it allowed me to take the relevant courses I needed at a specific moment in my career.  Whether it was the Negotiations course to help me in creating win-win negotiations, or the Product Management course that shifted my career from an Operation focus to a Product focus, or refreshing my strategic mind with the Strategy in Competitive Market course.  All of these courses were extremely high in quality and relevant in immediate applications.  The courses had a good balance between some of the best Professors, business models/frameworks, academic research, real world case studies/guest speakers and of course shared experiences with a diverse group of classmates.  I challenge all Executives to step out of the day-to-day operations of your busy lives to be challenged and stimulated to elevate your thinking and come back with different perspectives to broaden your perspective and take your companies to the next level. "
– Alan Wang, Entrepreneur, Haas MBA 2011