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The workplace is complicated.  What is a workplace but a collection of individuals, each with unique skills, attitudes, beliefs, and goals, striving to realize their personal goals as well as, the goals of the organization?  Who we are in the workplace has been shaped by our personal preferences, our family backgrounds, our cultures, and society at large - and no two of us is alike. Based on our biology, our experiences and our backgrounds, we tend to identify with different social groups, such as gender, and we can be stereotyped with labels, such as "techies", "nerds", "creatives", "suits" - the list is endless.   It's no wonder the workplace is complicated.

Additionally, organizations and industries develop cultures, typically based on the social group that is most prevalent, and these cultures can be challenging to navigate. In technology fields, women face unique challenges and opportunities as they navigate cultures that have special features and reward certain behaviors. Today, most tech organizations recognize this reality and are working hard to create post-gender cultures that wisely leverage the unique value that each individual - regardless of gender - brings to the table. 

Thrive in a Challenging Environment 

Women in Technology is designed to support the development of post-gender cultures by exposing women in tech fields to leading-edge research and providing a safe place to practice and acquire science-based social emotional skills they need for success in the tech industry.

Learning begins in a two-day program at UC Berkeley, and continues through a follow-up webinar that provides unique insights into the Biology of Leadership, and through a social network for sharing successes and tackling challenges together.  

Program topics include:

  • Understanding Yourself & Others
    • The Mind and Brain:  How it Makes Sense of Others
    • Mind Bugs in Actions
    • REAL Personality 360
  • Understanding Yourself In Context
    • Clash! Self, Others and Culture
    • The Biology of Leadership
    • Diffusing Clashes:  Tough Conversations

In addition, women will hear firsthand from world-renowned women in tech and learn how they have successfully built their credibility and careers.   Our esteemed panelists include:

  • Lila Tretikov - named one of Forbes "World's 100 Most Powerful Women (2014)", this Bay Area technology leader and software engineer is the former Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, Board Director of Rackspace (#1 managed cloud company and is an active member of the open-source community for the past 15 years).
  • Jane Hynes - SVP Global Communications, Salesforce - featured in Huffington Post's "Trailblazing Women Role Models (Entrepreneurs and Leaders) From Around the World", Jane has led Salesforce's communications strategy from its days as a start-up to the Fortune 500 company it is today and has played an integral role in establishing the company's leadership in cloud computing and the broader technology industry.
  • Beena Ammanath - as Executive Director for Data Science at General Electric, Beena has spent 23+ years building core big data/data science competencies and leading high performance global teams and dedicated to supporting diversity in technology.
Registration Deadlines:
June 2017 Program — June 6, 2017

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding how the brain both helps and hinders everyone in the workplace
  • Recognize and manage mind "bugs" such as stereotypes, biases, and other social decision errors that detract from productive, optimized, and rational interactions
  • Recognize your personality type - for real- from the leading expert in human personality, and identify ways to leverage its strengths and minimize its limitations
  • Understand the singular dimension on which most conflicts rest - an individual vs. a community orientations - and learn key strategies to manage yourself effectively in the face of culture clashes
  • Understand the role biology plays in leadership behavior and learn how to leverage your own biological rhythms to optimize when and how you work, and what to do in preparation for different kinds of work activities
  • Develop skills and a plan to handle a challenging workplace conversation
  • Leave with a broader network of women in tech with whom you can continue to learn and grow 

Who Should Attend

Women who:

  • Work in roles typically dominated by men, e.g., engineers, IT professionals, or
  • Are new managers in tech companies, or 
  • Work in tech start-ups, or
  • Are fascinated by what the newest science can tell us about science-based best practices in the workplace - especially here in the Bay Area where tech looms large

Dates and Registration

Fee: $4,500
Location: Berkeley, California

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