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Amos Ben-Meir Amos

Angel & Venture Investor
amos ben-meir amos.png

Amos Ben-Meir Amos is currently an active angel & venture investor in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is passionate about technology, business and the entrepreneurial eco-system as it relates to start-ups, venture capital and angel investing.

As an active angel/venture investor and a Member and Board Director of Sand Hill Angels, Amos looks to invest and work with great founding teams that are harnessing cutting edge technology to deliver great products and services and that will result in significant outcomes to all stakeholders. 

Prior to Amos’s angel & venture investing career, he was involved in six startups, either as an early employee or founder. Four of the startups had successful outcomes and two failed. Amos has held Director and VP Engineering positions during his entrepreneurial career. During these roles, Amos built and managed large engineering teams. This experience in the start-up world has driven him to stay involved in the San Francisco Bay Area start-up eco-system as an investor in start-ups and mentor to entrepreneurs. In addition, Amos holds various board observer and advisor positions in companies where he is an active investor. 

Since 2012, Amos’s startup investment portfolio has grown to more than 150 portfolio companies.