Online Programs

What are the participation requirements for an online program?

At the end of each Open Enrollment program, we award Certificates of Completion that signify you have fully participated and engaged in the program. We understand that there are, from time to time, unforeseen medical and family emergencies that might prohibit you from full participation. For these situations, if you miss 20% or less of a program, you will still receive your Certificate of Completion. If you do not fully participate in more than 80% of a program, you will not receive a Certificate of Completion.

What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous online programs?

The synchronous programs will consist of live sessions where you can interact with faculty and classmates in real-time. Synchronous online programs create a collaborative learning environment where engagement is encouraged. Asynchronous online programs are delivered on a flexible schedule enabling each participant to finish the curriculum on their own time.

What’s the refund policy for the online programs?

The standard refund policy for all programs at Berkeley Executive Education applies to our online programs. Cancellations for a full refund can be made within 5 business days of initial registration. To cancel from a program and receive a full refund, the registrant must submit a written request to within 5 business days of registration. No refund can be offered after a program has started.


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