Innovation Acceleration Group

What We Do

We accelerate the delivery to market of customer-validated innovations, focused on leveraging new technologies and establishing disruptive business models. Through our guided experiential learning process, your teams work on real current problems and opportunities — not case studies or hypothetical examples — and deliver tangible results in as little as two months. We have helped teams launch new products, services and business models in one third the time at one tenth the cost of traditional methods. Our programs' immersive experience turns your employees into innovators, armed with a repeatable and scalable process they can use again and again.

How We Do It

Based on years of entrepreneurial experience combined with our repeatable, scalable methodologies, Innovation Acceleration Group Instructors guide teams of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs through 7-week to 6-month long evidence-based customer discovery processes. Over the course of our programs, teams get one-on-one coaching, participate in group collaboration, and receive feedback from their peers and mentors. At the end, each team will have a validated go/no-go decision and lean go-to-market plan, saving months (if not years) of time and financial investment.

Why Us?

We possess unmatched expertise and results, having taken hundreds of startups and innovation teams through accelerators that have more than tripled technology and service funding rates over traditional programs. Additionally, IAG has helped launch new product, technology, service and e-commerce portfolios for large companies. Our methods have been used by the US National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Department of Energy. We also have experience working in a multitude of industries, including CPG, health-care, biotech, pharma, hardware, software and social ventures.


Mark Searle
Mark Searle is Managing Director of the Innovation Acceleration Group in UC Berkeley’s Center for Executive Education. He is an award-winning international serial entrepreneur in domains ranging from 3D printing & rapid prototyping to enterprise software, cloud computing and consumer Internet. He brings 20 years of experience as co-founder, CEO and COO of a number of early-stage and growth-stage technology startup companies.
Andre Marquis
Andre Marquis is the former Executive Director of the Innovation Acceleration Group at UC Berkeley Executive Education. At UC Berkeley, he and his team built a scalable, global infrastructure to deliver leading-edge, hands-on training to hundreds of teams and thousands of entrepreneurs and corporate innovators and their Faculty and mentors.
Manav Subodh
Manav Subodh is a Director of International Development, Berkeley Executive Education.

Earlier, Manav worked for Intel corporation and led Intel’s entrepreneurship initiatives in over 30 countries including the Intel's global accelerator on Wearable computing. Manav has also worked for Ernst and Young (EY), Hughes and QAI.

Elizabeth Saunders
Elizabeth Saunders is the Program Director for the Innovation Acceleration Group at UC Berkeley Executive Education. After serving five years as a cryptologic technician in the U.S. Navy, Elizabeth held a number of jobs across diverse industries in international settings, including managing a consumer-facing business in Central America, working with the U.N.'s grassroots initiative to fight human trafficking in London and around the world, and managing US programs for an India-based immersive business education venture. She was also Program Manager at startup-focused technology engine YouNoodle.