John Hubinger

Managing Director and President, Hub and Spoke Ventures

John Hubinger is the Managing Director and President of Hub and Spoke Ventures. Prior to his position at Hub and Spoke Ventures, he was Vice President, Products, at Oracle Development. Oracle acquired AmberPoint in February 2010, where he was President, CEO, and Founder. Mr. Hubinger is a serial Entrepreneur and co-founded AmberPoint with Mr. Paul Butterworth. AmberPoint raised over $50m in Venture Capital and grew revenues from $3m to $20m in three years. Prior to founding AmberPoint Mr. Hubinger was the Worldwide General Manager for a Division of Java Software at SUN Microsystems reporting to the President of Software. SUN acquired Forte Software in 1999, where Mr. Hubinger was an Officer and WW VP of Sales and Operations. Forte, and Infrastructure tools company, went public in 1996 and grew from 0 - $130m in revenue in 8years.

Before joining Forte, Mr. Hubinger held Vice President and GM roles in Sales and Marketing in two successful software startups, Camenco (sold in a private-to-private transaction), and KnowledgeWare (which went public in 1989). Early in his career Mr. Hubinger worked at IBM as an Engineer and Marketing Manager. Prior to IBM he worked as an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Mr. Hubinger holds a BA Degree in Economics, cum laude, from UC Berkeley.