Michelle Jia

Lecturer, Stanford University
Circular image of faculty member, Michelle Jia

Michelle Jia is a design researcher, and lecturer at Stanford University, where she teaches needfinding and design thinking. She emphasizes real-life qualitative research techniques and leading innovation from the ground up, including ethnographic research techniques, live prototyping and team innovation techniques.

She has pursued design research in Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and Bogotá, completed an honors thesis for Stanford on the intersection of time, ethics and politics, been nominated for a Grammy alongside Stanford's illustrious Chamber Chorale, designed the look-and-feel of a nutritional curriculum for ordinary kids in Shanghai and created over 200 editorial graphics for an online humanities salon called Arcade. No matter what she does, her work is informed by her deep faith that it is our duty to grow each other in our humanity -- and that education, design and the arts have an important role to play in our growth.

Michelle's current home base is the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is a design researcher and writer.