E.g., Thursday, February 20, 2020
E.g., Thursday, February 20, 2020
Venture Capital Executive Program Tokyo (Japanese translation)
Venture Capital Executive Program (Tokyo)
Digital Strategy and Analytics
The Digital Strategy and Analytics program provides a framework for developing both enterprise-wide and consumer-driven digital strategies powered by the latest platform technologies.
Open Innovation for Leaders
Learn how to use open innovation to identify new opportunities, save time and money, and share innovation risks. In this two-day program, you will learn from the Father of Open Innovation, Henry Chesbrough on how to master an open innovation mindset to keep your company ahead of competitors. Learn...
Alta dirección e innovación
Nuevo program en el español. El autor Peter Drucker dijo una vez “la cultura se come a la estrategia para el desayuno”, y Bill Aulent del MIT añadió más tarde “y a la tecnología para el lunch”; y en efecto, la realidad es que de nada sirve tener una gran estrategia o los últimos “juguetes”...
Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications
Learn AI’s current capabilities and applications, and how AI can benefit the different business functions in your organization. This two-month online program will discuss AI’s current capabilities and potential, machine learning, robotics, and more...
The Berkeley CHRO Summit
The Berkeley CHRO Summit is a platform for CHROs and Senior HR executives to openly discuss their business challenges and trending human resources topics. Our premier summit takes on a contemporary learning approach grounded in both academic research and real-world analysis of workforce trends,...
Chief Technology Officer
The CTO program enables you to take on a more strategic view of your company's technology architecture & business landscape, enhance your business acumen, develop initiatives to lead the technology transformation, and implement the change management towards organizational success. Agile and...
Data Science: Bridging Principles and Practice
The Data Science: Bridging Principles and Practice online program gives participants with non-technical backgrounds a foundational understanding of what data science & analytics is all about. Create a Data-Driven Culture. Forecasting Machine Learning. Adapt to a Data Mindset.
Data Science for Leaders
Learn how to harness data science and business analytic insights to inform your business decisions in this three-day boot camp. Data Science for Leaders equips senior executives with the aptitude to harness data science and business analytic insights to inform strategy, execution, and more...