Cybersecurity 360

CyberSecurity 360

Position your business to become cyber-resilient


Acquire the cutting-edge cyber-security awareness necessary for effective management decisions.


Fine-tune your prevention measures with the latest technical, legal, and business approaches.


Learn how to respond in the most agile way to any type of attack.





Key Takeaways

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Manage Customer Privacy Issues While Maintaining a Strong Cybersecurity Profile
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Develop a Toolkit to Avoid Major Cybersecurity Attacks Before They Happen
Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Your Advantage in Cybersecurity Readiness
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Understand how Venture Capital Investment is Changing the Cybersecurity Landscape
Manage Cybersecurity Readiness During Periods of Rapid Business Growth and Change

Program Dates

Nov. 05, 2018 - Nov. 08, 2018
To be contacted for information on future iterations, please email



Who Should Attend

  • Professionals who need a sound foundation of cyber security concepts
  • Business leaders who work in a position that requires cybersecurity knowledge
  • IT and Cybersecurity Leaders
  • Product Developers and Manufacturers
  • Senior Technology Business Executives
  • Senior HR Managers

Workshop Components

  • Face-to-face lectures and best practices
  • Group exercises 
  • Business cases 
  • Company visits 

Program Description

Every organization now depends on at least one of the following technological components: network, system, data. Every organization is consequently a potential target for cybercriminals. Learn now how to best protect your organization and react to any type of attack.

Attendees will explore the ramifications of cyber crime, strategies to mitigate cyber attacks, and new tools to improve the security of your business systems. Interact with industry leaders to share lessons and learn how to make your business more resilient, your systems more secure, and improve your overall security posture.

This international program is a unique opportunity to meet with US and European tech champions who will share their frameworks to evaluate and face these threats. In this programme designed for senior management, academic and industry experts will share industry best practices through lectures, business cases, and company visits.

This workshop has an international scope. It consists of the U.S. module which takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area (November 5-9) and the European module which takes place in Munich, Germany (November 26-30). Participants can elect to register for one or both modules of the workshop. 

The U.S. module focuses on online, platform, and cloud services. Topics include: 

  • Corporate cybersecurity 
  • Topics in cybersecurity for specific technical systems 
  • Social engineering techniques
  • Cybersecurity risk and liability
  • Data privacy and security 

For information on the European module focusing on network, manufacturing and hardware, visit our partner's site here.  


Senior Lecturer (continuing), Haas School of Business
Andrew Isaacs, Senior Lecturer (continuing), Haas School of Business
Andrew Isaacs is the former Executive Director of UC Berkeley’s Management of Technology Program. Isaacs is also President of California Technology International, Inc., a consulting firm he founded...
Tim Mather.png
Chief Security Strategist, PatternEx
Tim Mather, Chief Security Strategist, PatternEx
Tim Mather is an information security executive with more than 30 years of experience. He is an advisor and angel investor for several information security start-ups (e.g., CyCognito, DarkBytes,...
Lars Rabbe.png
Senior Executive
Lars Rabbe, Senior Executive
Lars Rabbe is a Senior Executive/CIO with experience in companies such as Skype, Intuit, Yahoo, Lucent Technologies, Fidelity Investments, Redback Networks, Octel Communications and NeXT Computer...
Mark Egan.png
Partner, StrataFusion Group, Inc.
Mark Egan, Partner, StrataFusion Group, Inc.
Mark Egan is a partner at StrataFusion Group, Inc. and has more than 25 years of information technology experience, with expertise in IT transformation, information security, and mergers &...
Pedram Mokrian.png
Principal, Mayfield Fund
Pedram Mokrian, Principal, Mayfield Fund
Pedram Mokrian’s expertise lies at the intersection of how new technologies (connected devices, mobile, software systems), analytics (big data stack), and new business models (consumer marketplaces,...
Omer Ayfer.png
Adjunct Professor, Merritt College
Omer Ayfer, Adjunct Professor, Merritt College
Omer Ayfer is an Adjunct Professor at Merritt College where he teaches a variety of courses in the premier cybersecurity program at the community college level. He also delivers talks on topics such...
President, The CIO Perspective
Shelton Waggener , President, The CIO Perspective
Shelton Waggener has been the CIO and Associate Vice Chancellor of UC Berkeley between 2003 and 2012. In this role, he has been the most senior technology executive on the Berkeley campus, reported...
Professor, UC Berkeley
Michael Jordan, Professor, UC Berkeley
Michael Jordan is Full Professor at UC Berkeley in machine learning, statistics, and artificial intelligence. He is one of the leading figures in machine learning, and in 2016 Science reported him as...
Eric Johnson.png
Senior Vice President and CIO, Talend
Eric Johnson , Senior Vice President and CIO, Talend
Eric Johnson is a CIO with a proven track record of strategic visioning, delivery of complex enterprise cloud solutions and leading digital process transformation. He has demonstrated strong success...
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