Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Become a technical leader in six months
Subject Matter Experts
Learn directly from the industry's foremost educators and leaders.
Comprehensive Learning Methodology
A combination of lectures, demonstrations, projects, classroom teachings, and hands-on practical experience like hackathons.
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About the Program

The Berkeley Data Scientist program delivers industry professionals the hands-on analytic experience necessary to make critical business decisions based on data and serve as the technical leader on a data analytics team. Designed for the experienced and technically-proficient individual who wants to bring their career to that "next level", this six-month program features a unique mixture of theory and practical knowledge delivered through hands-on and immersive lectures, lab work, and group projects. Taught by the renowned experts and thought leaders of the UC Berkeley faculty and leveraging the exciting Silicon Valley backdrop, the Data Scientist program delivers the Berkeley experience and helps them step up in their career.

Develop a Working Knowledge of Data Sourcing and Data Enrichment
Add value to business data through data mining techniques and interference algorithms (association rules, clustering, classification, regression, topic models, stochastic sampling, and collaborative filtering).
Improve Business Analytics Through the Application of Appropriate Methods
When necessary, this will utilize working knowledge of Python and R, open-source big-data technology (Apache, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, MapReduce), Linux/Shell Scripting, and APIs/Web Technologies (CSS, HTML, Ajax).
Apply Experimental Design and Machine Learning Techniques to Real-World Industry Scenarios
These techniques will draw upon Random Forest, KNN, K-means, Regression, Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Time Series Analysis, as well as modelling using Spark, and TensorFlow.
Communicate Data Effectively Across the Business Organization
Gain expertise on working and sharing data with dashboard and visualization softwares.

Program Dates

Program Topics

The Data Scientist program curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Key concepts in data science and business analytics 
  • Experimental design and analysis 
  • Experimental analysis and testing 
    • Potential outcomes and randomization/OVB (Omitted Variable Bias) 
    • Balance, internal, and external validity 
  • Type I and Type II errors, power calculations, and sampling (errors) 
  • Compliance, attrition, and spillover
  • Experimental design issues 
    • Encouragement, cross random X, and multi-arm 
    • Issues: clusters, stepped wedge, and exposure period 
  • Leadership development: problem solving for data science and experimental analysis in managerial decision making 
  • Cases and exercises
    • Methods to solve business problems 
    • Interpreting experiments

Module 2 |

  • Challenge/OVB and data generation 
  • Matching/IPW (Inverse Probability Rating) 
  • IV (Instrumental Variables) - demand 
  • IV lotteries 
  • Process/DGP (Data Generation Process) and RD (Regression Discontinuity) 
  • Difference in difference/synthesize control 
  • Events studies 
  • Observation "experiments" 
  • Leadership development: case and exercise on memory, focus, and complex projects 
  • Exercise and discussion: making business decisions based on statistical research 
  • Group exercise: recognize, classify, and forecast 

Module 4 |

  • Leadership Action Plan 
  • Machine learning
  • Machine learning meets casual inference 
  • Communicating data-driven insights 
  • Regression - model building 
  • Business simulation: communicating data-driven insights to different stakeholders 
  • Workshop: executing your business improvement 
  • Engineering Leadership Action Plan 
  • Leadership development 
    • Managing efficiency for data science business projects
    • Leadership skills to succeed in the age of machine learning and digital disruption 

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Who It's For

The Data Scientist program is ideal for professionals with technology skills who want to move into a Data Scientist or Business Improvement Engineer role which requires decision-making with the business-side of the organization. 


  • Have 8+ years of experience in a technical, data-driven role
  • Possess technical skills in coding, modelling techniques. data visualization skills and experience applying statistical methods
  • Experience with programming tools such as R, Python C, Tableau, SQL, advanced Excel, etc. 

Program Partner

Cost & Alumni Benefits



  • World-renowned Berkeley Haas and Executive Education Faculty 
  • Video lectures from Berkeley Haas faculty
  • Live, interactive webinars (also available as recordings)
  • Peer discussions and exercises
  • Case Studies
  • 12 practice challenges and hackathons 
  • Three individual projects
  • 1:1 project coaching

Alumni Benefits

  • Ability to join local alumni chapters or clubs in your region
  • Access to a 39,000+ network of distinguished Berkeley-Haas Alumni
  • Invitations to Berkeley Executive Education networking events
  • Video portal, Haas insights to research highlights, industry speakers
  • 15% discount to all future Executive Education programs
  • One-year digital subscription to the California Management Review
  • Berkeley-Haas Alumni newsletter
  • An email forwarding address


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Application Deadline

Application Deadlines are noted below. Please note that the application fees vary based off of the date which you apply.

April 15, 2019 - Application Fees: $500
May 20, 2019 - Application Fees: $600
June 2017, 2019 - Application Fees: $800

Certificate of Excellence in Data Analytics and Business Acumen

Completion of this program awards a Certificate of Excellence in Data Analytics and Business Acumen.


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