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Open Innovation for Leaders (Online)

Open Innovation for Leaders

Master Innovation for a Competitive Advantage
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Learn from the Father of Open Innovation
Learn directly from the esteemed Father of Open Innovation, Henry Chesbrough.
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Personal Action Plan
Create a personal action plan to develop and sustain open innovation at your organization.
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Develop a Competitive Advantage
Acquire skills using innovation tools to gain a competitive advantage and sustain growth.

About the Program

In this new online program, executives will learn the major concepts behind one of the most exciting developments in innovation management over the past 20 years and put these concepts to work. Open innovation was originally created by Faculty Director, Henry Chesbrough, in 2003. Since then it has been widely adopted in mid to large size companies, spreading from Silicon Valley to around the globe. This program gives you the opportunity to master these ideas from the 'Father of Innovation'.

Identify New Opportunities, Save Time and Money, and Share Innovation Risks
Learn how to use open innovation to enable inflows and outflows of knowledge across the organization.
Eliminate the “Not Invented Here” Syndrome from Your Organization
Learn techniques to develop open innovation practices at your organization and enlighten your technical staff on the benefits of open innovation.
Sustain Growth Over Time
Master a mindset to follow open innovation principles and keep your company ahead of competitors.
Anticipate Potential Sources of Resistance in Your Organization
Thoughtfully plan and anticipate potential sources of resistance to change in your organization like employees and system processes.

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Program Dates

Cost & Features

Program Fee

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  • Online business program offered by one of the faculty most distinguished at Haas School of Business
  • Father of Open Innovation-led program 
  • Two 90-minute sessions per week
  • Dynamic hands-on exercises
  • A personal innovation plan and an optional 90-day follow up session with Professor Chesbrough to review progress against your plan
  • Exclusive networking opportunities 
  • Access to the program alumni community 
  • Open Innovation for Leaders Program Certificate of Completion 

Who It's For

  • Executives responsible for managing and executing innovation in their organization
  • Senior R&D staff and managers
  • Senior information system managers
  • Business development managers searching for sources of organic growth
  • Anyone with “Open Innovation” in their job title or job description
  • A group of colleagues or team who would like to advance their skills together
This program counts toward a
Certificate of Business Excellence
Curriculum Days 
Two Days
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

A UC Berkeley Certificate of Business Excellence gives individuals the opportunity to create a personal plan of study structured by our four academic pillars. Participants will earn a mark of distinction with certification from a world-class university, and enjoy the flexibility of completing the program in up to three years.


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