Reena Miglani

headshot of Reena Miglani

Reena Miglani, Director – CX Cloud Applications, Oracle Corporation 

Reena is head of global sales engineering at Oracle, overseeing Marketing, Sales, and Service Cloud products. Her customers are hundreds of Oracle sales consultants located around the world. Reena also manages Oracle’s portfolio of acquired new products, communicating the value of each product, and ensuring that it becomes part of the Oracle ecosystem. “It’s exciting work. These aren’t back-office application, the CX market changes and evolves constantly – there’s always something new going on,” she says. Reena has worked for Oracle for 20 years.

Discovering UC Berkeley Exec Ed

In 2018 as Reena’s responsibilities at Oracle were expanding, she went online to look for training and development opportunities to expand her knowledge level. Her online search led to the UC Executive Education Digital Transformation Strategy program description. The thought of learning under the guidance of reputable Haas faculty was appealing to her and, reading further, she learned about UC Exec Ed’s Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE) program. She knew instinctively this was her path so she launched her COBE journey.      

“With my first program, Digital Transformation Strategy, I was looking to energize and refresh my knowledge in this area. In three days, I got a semester’s worth of learning!” Most of the learning came from stories and experiences shared by other students in the program. Reena explained, “The information and knowledge I gained from that program and my fellow cohorts was significant. Within a month after this program, I was itching to learn more.”  

Next on Reena’s list of programs was the Women’s Executive Leadership program. “This program was amazing – it was unlike any other for its ability to help me grow as a person. It was less academic and more about learning to be authentic,” she says. In the program, Reena connected with other professional women around the globe and learned how other women leaders navigate the same challenges and face the same realities, all the while they forged meaningful relationships and bonds because of their time together in the program. “I am still deeply connected with the women I met. We stay in touch via LinkedIn, and those of us who are local regularly meet for lunch, dinner, and coffee. We’ve stayed in close contact – especially now during the pandemic – often daily, through texting, direct messaging and video get-togethers. 

“In the Corporate Business Model Innovation program, I was inspired to learn from professor Henry Chesbrough because he invented the open innovation concept – there is no better person on this topic to learn from!” Reena says. “I work with cross-functional teams at Oracle and I learned a lot about how to leverage innovation across a large corporation.”  Reena also met cohorts from across the world who have 10-20 years of experience in the field. “Hearing the global perspectives from others in the class was enlightening. Since the program ended, we’ve remained a very tight group. We are active daily on WhatsApp. Because innovation is constantly evolving, there is much to share regularly. Most of us work in corporate innovation within large organizations so the knowledge sharing is invaluable.”

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