Steven Hubert

Image of Steve Hubert, Regional Vice President of Salesforce

Steven Hubert, Regional Vice President, Salesforce, U.K.

I’m not over exaggerating when I say this — the initial program I completed, High-Impact Leadership, was life-changing for me. It sparked a passion and put a new emphasis on the value of education for me. It has challenged me to learn more. I now look for the attribute of continual learning in individuals whom I bring onto my team.

The High-Impact Leadership program also gave me practical tools that I took back to my role, that is, new ways of thinking and methodologies that I use on a regular basis. To me that’s the greatest testament to the value of the program. I had asked myself, if I am going to invest time in becoming more educated, will I use what I’ve learned? On the one hand, I could learn something and put it on the shelf and never use it. On the other hand, I could learn something and use it regularly in my work and beyond. For me, it’s been the latter. What I learned in this first course are things that I come back to time and time again.

Moving into my new role at HPE, I needed my new leadership to support my educational journey. When I heard about the new Advanced Executive Presence program, I knew I wanted to participate. During negotiations for the new position, I presented a strong business case on why continuing my education was a good idea, detailing what I had learned in the first program and how I brought new skills to my role. The thought of spending more time with UC Berkeley faculty — individuals who had changed the course of my life — well, I jumped at it. I was chomping at the bit to take this program.

Berkeley Executive Education offers a unique learning environment. I feel that I have found a spiritual home on the Berkeley campus. Everything feels right. The culture. The learning environment. It challenges me in many, many ways — especially to be my authentic self. I have learned that being my true self is the best way to thrive as a leader and to invigorate others around me. Because of my experience at Berkeley, I have a deeper sense of appreciation for diversity and for individuals who challenge me to see things differently. Now, as I build my teams at work, I look for candidates who bring different thought processes and backgrounds. I make it a point to bring in diverse individuals — ethnically, experientially, through thought processes, gender diversity, geographic origins, and so forth — to make a stronger team.

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