Venture Capital Executive Program

Venture Capital is a driving force behind entrepreneurship and innovation. It fuels the economy, creates growth opportunities for companies large and small and, it funds the business development strategies of major corporations. 

But while Venture Capital is an integral part of the global economy - the unique inner workinds of venture capital firms and their processes are a well-guarded secret. 

Unlock the Secrets Of Venture Capitalists

The Venture Capital Executive Program is essential for experienced investors, corporate executives and serious entrepreneurs that not only want an exclusive window into this ever-changing industry but also want to gain insider tips on how to succeed with Venture Capital firms.

Gain Insights from top Silicon Valley VCs and Industry Leaders Alike

No other program gives you the access, the interaction and the 1:1 networking opportunities with key industry leaders and innovators than the Venture Capital Executive Program at the UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education. And where better than to get an exclusive window into the dynamics of the most successful venture capital firms than the world's premier innovative cluster: Silicon Valley?

Guided by Berkeley-Haas faculty member and fomer entrepreneur and venture capitalist Jerry Engel, the Venture Capital Executive program provides a comprehensive overview of the venture capital investing cycle from - opportunity assessment, valuation, deal structuring and corporate governance to - harvesting investments.

Over the course of this incredible 5-day program, you'll hear presentations and panel discussions from over 20+ top Venture Capital investors.  Previous panelists represented top firms such as: 

  • First Round Capitl
  • Kliener, Perkins
  • Battery Ventures
  • 500 Startups
  • Foundaton Capital
  • Monitor Ventures 
  • Mayfield Fund
  • Google Ventures
  • Ture Ventures
  • Norwest
  • M34 Capital 
  • Citi Ventures
  • Bootstrap Labs
  • Bee Partners
  • Lightspeed
  • Alphabet
  • Deloitte
  • Rockport
  • Saints VC
  • Newbury
  • Helio LLP

Additional panelist can be found here

These lively and interactive discussions provide insights on the latest practices and trends in the start-up word. Core topics include:

  • Silicon Valley Venture Economy
  • Innovation Through New Venture Creation
  • Deal Structure, Terms and Due Diligence
  • VC Economics and Career Decisions
  • Achieving Liquidity and Accelerating Returns

Venture Capital accessibiity and availability are keys to economic growth.  The Venture Capital Executive Program gives you unprecedented access to learn from the inside out. 


Key Takeaways

  • Inside dynamics of venture capital funds
  • Venture capital reward systems; how VCs are motivated
  • What constitutes a VC quality deal
  • How to assess opportunities like a VC
  • How to identify a great startup with high probability of success
  • Industry perspectives on fast-changing emerging opportunities
  • Deal vetting and selection
  • Valuation techniques
  • How to structure a term sheet
  • How entrepreneurs can optimize their returns

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs considering venture funding
  • Executives leading corporate M&A and business development
  • Institutional asset managers
  • International economic development officials
  • Angel investors
  • Executives of family-owned businesses
  • Service providers: attorneys, accountants, consultants

Dates and Registration

Fee: $7,980
Location: Berkeley, California

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Program Director
Jerome Engel
Senior Fellow, Lester Center for Entrepreneurship
Jerome Engel is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, and Chair of the New Venture Creation and Venture Capital...