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“It was amazing to watch the transformations and progress in each participant's presentations. Everyone came so far!”

Program Participant, 2015

"Opened up new doors for me that I didn’t know existed."

Senior Executive, Salesforce

“We started building a foundation for change with Berkeley, and the training has helped to change our mindset,” she says. “I see more adaptability to change in general. It’s just going to be part of our DNA now.”

Marguerite Kunze on the outcome of the Plantronics Leadership Program
VP of Talent Management and Organizational Development, Plantronics

"The Women's Executive Leadership Program was the best and most comprehensive training I have ever attended. It covered a wide range of topics and included many behavioral tips that I applied when I returned to work. My only regret is that I did not attend this earlier in my career!"

Board Liaison, Central Arizona Project

"The entire week far surpassed my expectations. I was impressed by the caliber of the professors, staff and guest speakers. I left feeling inspired and more confident and skilled to be a woman executive and a new network of talented professionals to keep in touch with."

Senior Vice President, Gailleo Learning

"The caliber of the speakers was very impressive. Each speaker was professional, polished, and knowledgeable. Excellent content. Job well done on all fronts. I am going to encourage my daughter to attend."

Senior Director, Synopsys Inc.

"Fabulous course; each session provided new information and fresh perspectives. Very helpful to have the personalized feedback too."

Minister-Counsellor, Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

"I wish I had participated in this program 10 years ago or as a new manager."

Architect, Salesforce

"Thank you Laura, Jen and your team for a program that exceeded my expectations. Absolutely hit program goal #1, to inspire my leadership."

Senior Manager, Clean Power Finance
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