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"It condensed everything I need to know for my job into just one actionable week."
- Kimberly Sauceda, Product Manager, Plantronics

Our five-day Product Management Program will help you create products that your customers will love. For the last six years, we have taken the most applicable course material from the Haas MBA, boiled it down to the essentials, and applied it directly to your role as a Product Manager.

Our faculty all combine research backgrounds with extensive consulting experience, allowing them to keep a firm grounding in what works, and what does not.  They are at the cutting edge in their respective fields—pricing, business models, marketing, customer-focused design, influence without authority, and competitive strategy.  All have won awards for teaching and are extremely skilled helping you become a great “general manager” of your product lines. 

The faculty leading this course were fantastic. They provided tactical, useable information while also providing strategic, cutting-edge best practices from their research.

Avi Gupta, Director of Marketing, Mentor Graphics Corporation

Sun has been one of the finest training grounds for a Product Manager, but the new ideas taught in the Haas School of Business Executive Education Product Management Program have driven us towards a totally re-engineered solution for our next release.

Miha Ahronovitz, Line Product Manager, Sun Microsystems

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Dates and Registration

Oct 5, 2015 to Oct 9, 2015
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Dec 7, 2015 to Dec 11, 2015
Location: Berkeley, CA
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Fee: $6,300
Corporate Discount: Register 5 individuals from your company for the price of 4.


Sara Beckman
Faculty Director
David Mok
Director of Pricing at DePuy Spine (a Johnson & Johnson company)
Holly Schroth
Jane Creech
Paul Tiffany
Priya Raghubir
" The UC Berkeley Product Management Program was an amazing learning experience. I gelled incredibly well with the peers on my team and made close friends. I feel more prepared than ever for my duties as a Product Manager. I didn't get a chance to do my MBA at Haas but this would be the closest thing. "
– Vin Addala, Product Manager, FileMaker Inc.
" A fantastic experience, well worth the investment. This course will make a difference! "
– Richard Hawkins, Product Line Manager, Chevron Corporation
" I learned an incredible amount and can honestly say that this program was both the most useful and best educational experience of my adult life. "
– Dean Ekkaia, Founder, Berktronics, LLC
" The program logistics were top notch and the instructors were amazing. In just a few days, they covered all the topics relevant to product management, provided foundational principals, technologies and examples, and introduced academic and industry references. "
– Ellen Dickau, EVP Engineering, ByAllAccounts
" The UC Berkeley Product Management Program was a big wake-up call for me. It was the refresher I needed and has been invaluable in my recent jump from a big corporation to a start up. I'm already incorporating everything I learned into my new position. "
– Patrick Carroll, VP Operations, Osterhout Design Group
" UC Berkeley's Product Management Program completely transformed my ideas for how I will approach our new products. "
– Abraham McLaughlin, Product Manager, The Christian Science Monitor
" I had customer visits scheduled the week after attending UC Berkeley's Product Management Program. The session on Customer Design got me so charged, I decided to scrap my existing agenda and apply what I learned. Instead of preaching, I listened. As a result, I learned about higher level needs, not just utilitarian features. The Program has already been invaluable in discussions with my design team! "
– Shelley Gretlein, Senior Group Manager, National Instruments
" My favorite part about the course was the instructors, they brought real-life practical experience and gave us examples that can be applied immediately. I highly recommend the UC Berkeley program; it was by far better than others of its type. The course has allowed me to grow professionally and I am very confident in my new skills; I've also enjoyed the opportunity to network with other professionals in my field. "
– Dennis Carpio, Director of Product Innovation, NetOptics
" Attending the Haas Product Management program was a true joy and I use the strategies I learned there literally daily. The icing on the cake was having access to the same top-notch faculty and lecturers that teach in the Haas MBA program. "
– Matt Mizenko, Senior Program Manager, Product Marketing, Multimedia Experiences, Nokia
" Sun has been one of the finest training grounds for a Product Manager, but the new ideas taught in the Haas School of Business Executive Education Product Management Program have driven us towards a totally re-engineered solution for our next release. "
– Miha Ahronovitz, Line Product Manager, Sun Microsystems
" This is the first program I have participated in that addressed exactly what I do as a product management leader in a technology firm. From pricing and negotiations to managing without authority, this program exceeded all my expectations. The results: I received a promotion and my company improved margins and sales. "
– Brett O. Theiss, Director, Product Management, Earthlink Network, Inc.
" The UC Berkeley Product Management course provides valuable and actionable content in an easy to understand format. The course is held in a comfortable, informal environment, which allows for a lot of interaction with professors and classmates. The course focuses on shifting the way we think about work, customers, product development, and product management. There is a great deal of attention on group work, which is one of the best parts of the course. I was impressed with the diversity of backgrounds, industries, and companies that my classmates represented. The schedule is comprehensive and the sessions continuously run on time. I enjoyed this course and highly recommend it to anyone, whether they are directly involved with product management/development or not. "
– Olya Zaretsky, Senior Policy Analyst, Pacific Gas & Electric
" The UC Berkeley Product Management course is a fantastic program! The concept of a business model canvas was very helpful, and the pricing and negotiation sessions will be very useful to me at work. "
– Sunil John, Product Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.
" I've already recommended this program to many other product managers at Yahoo! Inc. The UC Berkeley Product Management program presents a clear overview of the role of a Product Manager and then dives into the details to provide useable, relevant tools.  "
– Martin Price, Sr Manager, Product Management, Yahoo! Inc.
" Within a few days of returning from the UC Berkeley Product Management program, I used my new product portfolio management skills to align our company's product development with our profitability goals. The program provided immediate benefit and impact to our business. "
– Matthew Carter, Director of Marketing, Volterra Semiconductor Corporation
" I highly recommend this course for anybody who wants to completely understand product management. "
– Jonathan Schimmel, Manager, Customer Operations, Bio-Rad Laboratories
" The Product Management program is an in depth, comprehensive, and practical treatment of product management. This program has equipped me with ready-to-use knowledge required to either work as a product manager or work closely with product managers. I have already started applying several concepts I learned in competitive strategy, customer focused product design and team negotiations as we are defining the next major version of our product. "
– Pradeep Bollineni, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
" The UC Berkeley Product Management Program is an outstanding course that covers all aspects of product management in great depth, and has provided me with a much greater understanding of the requirements of the job. The standard of presenters was exceptional, and certainly far higher than on any other business program that I have attended. I would strongly recommend this program for all product managers in all industries. "
– Colin Sharman, Director Global Third Party Software Product Management, Hitachi Data Systems Limited
" The Berkeley Product Management Program acts as a great refresher mini-MBA course. Among many other topics, I learned the latest business strategy models, and how to establish a coherent and responsive pricing strategy. "
– Sachin Andhare, Senior Product Manager, Pacific Gas & Electric
" The faculty and staff of the Berkeley Product Management Program are fantastic. I loved Professor Sara Beckman’s lesson on getting close to your customers in the session on Customer Focused Design. Professor David Mok’s pricing strategy is very useful to Product Managers, as is Professor Holly Schroth’s discussion on negotiations and strategic business interactions. "
– Jacky Lee, Director, RadiumOne
" This UC Berkeley Product Management course is the most complete executive Product Management program: no other business school offers such a comprehensive, dedicated program for experienced Product Managers. Thank you Berkeley! My updated knowledge and new valuable skills will help me successfully manage great products with high customer value. "
– Mette Hjelm, Nordic Product Manager, Nets Denmark A/S
" This five-day Product Management Program focuses on creating products that customers will love. The faculty all have extensive industry consulting experience and are at the cutting edge in their respective fields - pricing, business models, marketing, customer-focused design, influence without authority, and competitive strategy. All have won awards for teaching and are extremely skilled helping Product Managers become a great "general manager" of their product line(s). Highly recommended. "
– Dave Karow, Senior Product Manager, Keynote Systems
" The UC Berkeley Product Management program will change the way I look at products, people and the customer experience moving forward! "
– Sudha Krishnaswami, Sr. Business Analyst/ Product Owner, eBay
" As a Haas Alumni, I thought that I had all the courses and learning that I could handle in my 3 years at Berkeley.  As I grew in my career, our culture rang so true, we will have a lifetime of learning and it doesn’t end when you graduate.  Berkeley’s Executive Education courses not only allowed me a chance to stay up-to-date with the latest case studies and academic research, it allowed me to take the relevant courses I needed at a specific moment in my career.  Whether it was the Negotiations course to help me in creating win-win negotiations, or the Product Management course that shifted my career from an Operation focus to a Product focus, or refreshing my strategic mind with the Strategy in Competitive Market course.  All of these courses were extremely high in quality and relevant in immediate applications.  The courses had a good balance between some of the best Professors, business models/frameworks, academic research, real world case studies/guest speakers and of course shared experiences with a diverse group of classmates.  I challenge all Executives to step out of the day-to-day operations of your busy lives to be challenged and stimulated to elevate your thinking and come back with different perspectives to broaden your perspective and take your companies to the next level. "
– Alan Wang, Entrepreneur, Haas MBA 2011