POETS & QUANTS | ANDREA CARTER September 18, 2017
When in your life did you stop singing? When in your life did you stop dancing?
AICPA | BY AICPA - The American Institute of CPAs
"I find myself in more of a position to have strategic conversations." UC Berkeley Executive Education offers 2-5 day programs
"Just because you add scaled doesn't mean that it's any different." Berkeley-Haas Professor, Panos N.
"Panels made the numbers into something much more interesting than just numbers on paper." Berkeley-Haas Professor, Panos N.
UC Berkeley Executive Education is embarking on our second year of working with the UAE Prime Minister’s office and the Nationa
Daniel Levitin is a New York Times bestselling author, neuroscientist, and the program director of Executive Decision Making.
The American Accounting Association (AAA) would like to congratulate Panos N. Patatoukas as the recipient of...
American Accounting... | BY PRESS RELEASE
John Danner is a lecturer of two MBA courses in venture development at Haas School of Business, University of California.
Professor Cameron Anderson discusses leading change on a broad scale and how to inspire changes in both organizational and...