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Jonathan Alcordo

Manager, Program Services

Program Services
headshot of Jonathan Alcordo

Jonathan joined Berkeley Executive Education in 2022. Jonathan’s background in education has allowed him to hone his craft, which is to develop and curate excellent learning experiences. With a Master of Arts in Education from the UC Davis School of Education, and several years spent educating K-12 students through various modalities, Jonathan has been regularly called upon for teacher coaching programs, curriculum development opportunities, teacher leadership roles, and professional development opportunities for faculty and admin.

His past experiences have allowed him to arrive at the mantra of his practice, which is to empower clients with the tools and experiences they can use to thrive in whatever working professional environment they seek to be in. He aims to leverage his deep knowledge of curriculum development, learning pedagogy, and digital learning systems to make these exquisite learning experiences possible at Berkeley Executive Education.

Outside of the workday you’ll find Jonathan dabbling on a piano, trying out a new restaurant, or hiking on one of the many scenic trails that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer.