Intelligent Investing for Everyone

Intelligent Investing for Everyone

Online Program
An exclusively online learning journey from the convenience of your laptop.
Eight weeks in total, 3–5 hours per week.
Global partner program with EMERITUS.

Program Experience

The Intelligent Investing for Everyone program aims to democratize financial education by equipping individual investors with the latest financial analysis methods and tools. The program offers an introduction to the fundamentals of data analysis of companies, stocks, and new financial technologies to evaluate the right investment opportunities. It provides a framework for decision-making by leveraging analytical tools, techniques, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain.

Participants will evaluate various applications of data in finance by using real-world case studies, live sessions with the UC Berkeley faculty, hands-on exercises, and discussions.

Evaluate the Key Metrics Used in the Valuation of a Company
Grasp and understand how to analyze key metrics that valuate companies.
Learn about Upcoming Trends in Investment Strategies
Gain insight on new trends that may affect your investing strategy.
Understand the Power of Data and Technology for Successful Investing
Learn how institutional investors use the power of data and technology for successful investing
Learn How to Utilize Financial Engineering
Learn the fundamentals of how financial engineering can expose overpriced stocks and attempts by companies to manipulate investor beliefs

Program Dates

Who It's For

This program is designed for anyone who wants to develop an understanding of financial investments and adopt a data-driven approach to investing and corporate value creation. No prior knowledge of finance or accounting is required to participate in this program. 

Cost & Features

Program Fee
  • World-renowned Berkeley Haas and Executive Education Faculty 
  • Video lectures from Berkeley Haas faculty
  • Live office hours
  • Peer discussions and exercises
  • Case Studies
  • Exclusive online network-building opportunities 
  • Access to the program alumni community 
  • Intelligent Investing Certificate of Completion 
This program counts toward a
Certificate of Business Excellence
Curriculum Days 
Finance & Business Acumen

Participants in the Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE) program will earn a mark of distinction from a world-class university, gain access to a powerful global network, and enjoy the flexibility of completing the program in up to three years. A UC Berkeley Certificate of Business Excellence allows individuals to create a personal learning journey structured by our four academic pillars to gain management essentials in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Finance to drive both personal and organizational development.



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