Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Strategies to Optimize ROI
Online Program
An exclusively online learning journey from the convenience of your laptop.
Two months in total, 4-6 hours per week.
Global partner program with EMERITUS.

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Successful marketing requires harnessing the power of the best available tools to acquire the intelligence necessary to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. Marketing professionals with the knowledge, skills, and experience to leverage data to achieve their goals will hold a significant competitive advantage.

The Marketing Analytics - Strategies to Optimize ROI program explores the principles and strategies of a data-driven approach to marketing and how to apply those in the real world. Drawing on real-world use cases from successful companies like Netflix and, you’ll learn how to build predictive models to inform marketing decisions, and leverage analytics to optimize marketing ROI. Through practical tools and techniques, you will gain valuable insights into your customers and what drives their purchasing decisions. You will also learn to use the Customer Lifetime Value formula to guide marketing and product decisions throughout the consumer journey, and follow four key steps for implementing an innovative marketing analytics initiative in your organization when the program concludes.

Make Informed Marketing Decisions Based on Analytics
Apply Analytic Tools, Models, and Frameworks to Optimize Marketing ROI
Leverage Analytics and Experimentation to Gain a Competitive Advantage
Develop Marketing Strategy for Customer Acquisition, Development, and Retention
Create Innovative Marketing Analytics Initiatives in Your Organization

Program Dates

Who It's For

  • Marketing and digital marketing managers who want to upskill and improve their marketing ROI by using the latest tools—without having to depend on an analytics team
  • Analysts who want to develop better models and algorithms to draw marketing insights, and also specialize in marketing related applications of analytics, such as recommendation engines, customer segmentation, ROI optimization and more
  • Product and Business Managers who want a deeper understanding of customer behavior, and to use those insights to improve product iterations, boost profitability, and develop marketing best practices
  • Brand Managers who want to take a more data-backed, scientific approach to branding initiatives and communication, gain insights on their customers’ preferences and profiles, and thus create brands that are able to earn loyal customers

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Cost & Features

Program Fee
  • World-renowned Berkeley Haas and Executive Education Faculty 
  • Video lectures from Berkeley Haas faculty
  • Live, interactive webinars (also available as recordings)
  • Notable guest speakers
  • Peer discussions, crowd-sourced activities, and demonstrations
  • Case Studies
  • Capstone Project
  • Exclusive online network-building opportunities 
  • Access to the program alumni community 
  • Marketing Analytics Certificate of Completion 
This program counts toward a
Certificate of Business Excellence
Curriculum Days 
Two Days
Strategy & Management or Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Participants in the Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE) program will earn a mark of distinction from a world-class university, gain access to a powerful global network, and enjoy the flexibility of completing the program in up to three years. A UC Berkeley Certificate of Business Excellence allows individuals to create a personal learning journey structured by our four academic pillars to gain management essentials in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Finance to drive both personal and organizational development.



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