Certificate of
Business Excellence

Design a personal learning journey to help you face today's business challenges and gain access to a distinguished alumni network



The Certificate of Business Excellence is an opportunity to acquire and hone new skills, gain a mark of distinction from a world-class university, and do it on a timeline that works with your busy schedule. The program is designed for leaders like you - leaders who want to challenge convention. Leaders who want to take intelligent risks and who understand there is always more to learn. Online and in-person programs available to meet your personal learning needs.

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Certificate of Business Excellence


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  • Choose from a wide variety of programs and topics based on your unique learning needs to achieve a strong general management foundation
  • New online programs provide even more flexibility so you can learn from home with classmates from around the globe
  • Take the full three years to complete or schedule programs closer together to complete in less time
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  • Be the first to hear about special promotions for program offerings in our open enrollment portfolio
  • 15% discount on future eligible future Berkeley Executive Education programs
  • 30% discount on eligible future programs after completion of your Certificate of Business Excellence
  • Get an @haas.executivealumni.berkeley.edu email forwarding address
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  • Ability to join local alumni chapters or clubs in your region
  • Join the private, invitation-only Berkeley Haas Alumni LinkedIn group
  • Invitations to the annual Berkeley Haas Alumni Conference
  • Attend select Berkeley Haas and Berkeley Executive Education Networking events opened to the COBE community
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  • One-year complimentary digital subscription to the California Management Review
  • Receive the Berkeley Haas Alumni emailed newsletter
  • Access to Haas Insights – Latest research and thought leadership from Industry speakers and faculty
  • Subscribe to the Berkeley Haas Alumni Jobs e-Newsletter with latest job postings from distinguished employers


*All benefits subject to change


We work closely with you to develop a strategic, tailor-made course of study that will fill your knowledge gaps and allow you to achieve your business and education goals. Participants must complete the following core requirements:

Register for the Certificate Program

Complete a personal consultation to discuss your customized learning journey

Enroll in at least one (1) program from each of our four academic pillars (at your own pace). Both in-person and online programs available for your selection.

Complete a minimum of 17 curriculum days of qualified programs (programs vary between 2-5 days each). *Please refer to the COBE section on each program page for specific curriculum days.

Complete selected programs within 3 years


Sample view of a Certificate of Business Excellence learning journey
Sample view of a Certificate of Business Excellence learning journey


Individuals pay for each program toward their certificate at the time of registration in that program. This gives participants the option to spread the cost of the certificate over the three year period.

The average cost of the required minimum of 17 days of programs is $15,000-$29,000 varying by program selections.

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LOCATION: Berkeley Haas Campus
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Here are some tips for how to successfully approach your employer:

  • Frame your request. Highlight the return on investment by aligning the program with your organization’s strategic objectives and cite examples that potentially connect to your desired outcomes. Remember, all programs after your first one are eligible for a 15% off Executive Education Alumni discount!

  • Come prepared. Share the program brochure, schedule, and objectives with your manager for a deeper understanding of the program and its relevance for your organization and role. Be sure to download the COBE planner to quickly review your selection and track your plans.

  • Pace yourself. The program is designed for a 3-year completion so plan to take 2 programs per calendar year.

  • Let us know how we can help. We’re here to support whether it is to work with your employer or establish a payment structure.  Just contact us at executive@berkeley.edu

Participants enroll in the Certificate of Business Excellence Program for a variety of reasons.  Often, it’s to advance from a current position, transition to a new role or develop the skill set to confront multiple challenges in their role or industry. Students leverage the four pillar, general management blended program to fill in perceived gaps in the executive toolkit and become a stronger leader.  Berkeley is the right choice because it provides an immersive learning environment and rigorous research based curriculum with an executive level cohort in the thriving Silicon Valley ecosystem. The 17-day commitment to the four pillar program is an excellent way to gain a mark of distinction from a world-class university.


Each Certificate of Business Excellence learning journey is customized for the participant, and prices are subject to change. In general, the average cost of the required 17 days of executive programs is $15,000-$29,000 varying by program selections. There are no upfront or additional fees to register. After your first program, participants are eligible for a 15% off alumni discount on all remaining programs.

Deciding to pursue a master’s degree in business or a business excellence certification is a matter of personal preference. Decision points generally include price point, commitment level, range of topics, accessible resources, classification and available financing options. Contact Jennifer Arvai at +1.510.561.4018 or jarvai@berkeley.edu to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to get started.

You can become part of the Certificate of Business Excellence community with the very first program or join later and apply program hours towards the 17 day requirement. If you already know that you want to pursue a general management curriculum to advance your executive skill set, we can schedule a consult to plan your journey or you can enroll now.


View our General Program FAQs for more insights or schedule a personal consultation call to discuss your interests and concerns with our Associate Director of Customer Experience.

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