3 Reasons to Attend Negotiation and Influence

Professor Holly Schroth teaching in a classroom

Whether you are closing a major business deal or increasing your ability to work effectively across a variety of people and situations, learning negotiation and influence will have an immediate, positive impact across every aspect of your life. At the Negotiation & Influence program, you will gain powerful techniques that you can use to achieve success, no matter the circumstance.

What Sets this Program Apart:

1. Take Away Immediately Applicable Negotiations Skills Many negotiations trainings focus on the art of argument. This course focuses on the social psychology behind interpersonal interactions that is key to improving your ability to work effectively with others. You will learn how to develop strong relationships, influence positively, manage conflict and power and create value based agreements that are effective with a variety of people applicable to any situation. At the Negotiation & Influence program, you will be empowered with people skills that will help you problem solve for mutually beneficial solutions. This approach produces long-term, high productivity relationships with your partners while leveraging a desired outcome for you or your business. 

2. World Renowned Faculty Director Holly Schroth, Ph.D. Social Psychology, is an award winning Senior Lecturer at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. She consults to and teaches executives at a number of organizations in the United States and abroad, including: Google, Intel, YouTube, Kaiser Permanente, The Gap, Lockheed-Martin, Charles Schwab, Universal Studios, Walmart and more. In addition to her work at UC Berkeley-Haas, she is also a leading author of negotiation exercise materials which are used worldwide by educators and trainers. 

3. Learn and Network in the Most Innovative Learning Environment in the world. UC Berkeley has long been the epicenter for leading edge innovation and culture. At Negotiations and Influence, you will be immersed in the culture of innovation that only exists on the UC Berkeley campus. Further stimulated by the nearby Bay Area business ecosystem, the UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education is optimized for completely transformational learning experiences.

Learn more: executive.berkeley.edu/programs/negotiations-influence

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