Gender Bias in the Workplace

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What role does gender play in the workplace? In this hour-long interview on Brave Feminine Leadership, Prof. Laura Kray, Faculty Director of the Women’s Executive Leadership Program, shares research findings on leadership, negotiation, and gender in the workplace.

During the interview, Prof. Kray shares findings on how gender can play a role in how we are perceived, treated, and how we behave in professional settings. Despite the impact of gender in the workplace, there are strategies you can employ to mitigate any potential adverse effects of your gender on your professional success.

Focus on Your Values

If you feel like you are shouldering an additional burden because of your gender, especially in negotiations, don’t hesitate to remind yourself of your most important values. Self-affirmation can be a useful tool you can employ to focus yourself on your core values. By focusing on your values, you can create a buffer against stressors in your environment.

See Past Stereotypes

We often hear that some genders possess certain traits that predispose them to certain roles. In negotiations, the belief is that rationality and assertiveness – which are often stereotypically described as stereotypically masculine traits – are key to being an effective negotiator. Research indicates that these stereotypes aren’t always correct. Good negotiators are good listeners, are verbally communicative, and are open to new ideas and information. To be a successful negotiator, you should focus on working collaboratively with all stakeholders to reach a win-win agreement.

Have a Growth Mindset

We may not want to admit when we need help or need to improve, especially if gender plays a role in how we’re perceived. However, being open about the mistakes or challenges you face will enable you to employ strategies to make a change and grow. Suggesting solutions to mistakes or challenges can be a key skillset in discovering areas for growth. Take control of situations that may be uncomfortable or difficult and learn from them.

Dive into this podcast to equip yourself with the tools to succeed and hear about Prof. Kray's research.

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