The Misconception of Ambition

Archetypes Podcasst image with Megan Markle

Women often face backlash when they are ambitious

In this new podcast episode of the Archetypes podcastProf. Laura Kray, joins Meghan Markle and Serena Williams to discuss the double standards that women face in the workplace and beyond.

Women often face backlash when they are ambitious. Professor Laura Kray, Faculty Director of the Women’s Executive Leadership Program, shares her research on gender impacts and how identical behaviors between men and women are rated more negatively when a woman does it. For example, women may face resistance when they return to work after having a baby. Women who attempt to perform at a high level will violate people's expectations that the most important thing to the woman is her newborn. Meanwhile, men who return to work often see a boost in their career and pay. 

Listen to the full podcast to hear Professor Kray share more of her research on gender as well as Markle and Williams share how gender impacted their experiences.

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