The Big Reset by Josh Bersin


The Big Reset: Making Sense Of The Coronavirus Crisis

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Josh Bersin is a Board Member for UC Berkeley Executive Education and the Founder and CEO of the Josh Bersin Academy, which provides research and advisory services focused on corporate learning, leadership, talent management, and HR technology. He recently wrote an article describing the hypergrowth leading up to the coronavirus crisis and how we can reset our way of thinking about work, life, business, and leadership.

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"How fast life can change. One day, it feels normal. The next day we’re “sheltering in place” in our homes…distancing ourselves from neighbors when we go for a walk.

It’s a paradoxical time. In the middle of fear, economic crisis, and social distancing there is a growing sense of closeness.  The virus doesn’t discriminate, it can get any one of us: our parents, our children, our neighbors, our friends. And this brings us all together.

And the paradox is happening in business. I’ve talked with dozens of leaders this week, and they’re all in crisis mode. But as they deal with their own individual workplace crisis, they’re also becoming closer to their people. As I discussed last week (People First, Economics Second), the only way to survive this virus is to make sure your employees are safe. And every executive understands: they could catch the virus too.

We’re still in the middle of this crisis, so the future isn’t fully clear. Will this go on for a few months, or are we going to have health and economic disruption for years?

Well regardless of how soon this is over, it’s clear to me we are in the middle of The Big Reset, a new way of thinking about work, life, business, and leadership, Let me explain."

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