Dean Rich Lyons Writes Article on Organizational Transformation


In An Era Of Distrust, Here Are Three Ways To Transform Your Organization

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Originally published on Forbes

Across the board, trust in institutions is falling.

Whether they’re talking about the government, the media, business or NGOs, Americans report steep declines in trust, according to a new study by Edelman. Overall, Americans’ trust in such organizations dropped 37 percentage points — a swift and steep decline that Edelman has never seen before for the U.S. in 18 years of study.

You can see the fallout of lost trust at companies like Uber, which is trying to win back the faith of drivers, customers, employees and regulators as it prepares to go public next year. And you can see it in public perception of the Trump administration — 59 percent of those recently surveyed by Pew Research said they find the president untrustworthy...

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