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Entrepreneurs and Startups at UC Berkeley

The Daily Californian
APRIL 22, 2017

From Berkeley, to infinity and beyond

“Startup.” Whisper the word anywhere in Berkeley and you are sure to make the hairs stand up on the back of at least one neck, conjuring evoking dreams of creating the next Facebook or Google or Snapchat.

In all seriousness, a walk through UC Berkeley’s campus is enough to show off its success stories. Kabam Field, the Blum Center, Sutardja Dai Hall, the Sutardja Center, the Fung Institute and Qualcomm Cafe are all the result of gifts from some of UC Berkeley’s most successful entrepreneurial alumni. UC Berkeley alumni have created household names such as Rotten Tomatoes, SanDisk, MySpace, Autodesk, VMware, and Powerbar, among others.

Over the past few years, the words “entrepreneurship” and “Berkeley” have become quite intertwined. Berkeley’s proximity to Silicon Valley, capital and intellectual talent make it a prime… READ MORE