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Why Powerful People Fail to Stop Bad Behavior by Their Underlings


The Conversation | Why Powerful People Fail to Stop Bad Behavior by Their Underlings | Jessica A. Kennedy, Cameron Anderson | MARCH 13, 2017

Imagine you were recently promoted at work. You now command a higher salary, lead more people and control more of the organization’s resources. As such, you have more influence over strategy, more authority to hire and fire and more responsibility for your team’s outcomes.

As you undertake your new role, however, you are also faced with evidence of an unethical business practice that plagues your organization. This practice is harmful, potentially embarrassing at best and possibly illegal at worst. In your new, more powerful position, would you be more or less likely to stop it than in your previous role?

This situation is hardly unheard of and might even be common. Leaders often set goals but delegate responsibility for how they are achieved, providing leeway for unethical practices to creep in. Leaders also inherit business practices...READ MORE