The Innovative Organization is a fresh take on corporate innovation that prepares managers and leaders to embrace the challenges and opportunities of creating a truly ambidextrous enterprise -- one that is capable of both entrepreneurial opportunity development and excellent execution (both essential but potentially conflicting activities).


Jerome Engel: The program is really designed to have large organizations understand the constraints on the possibilities.

What keeps them from being as innovative as they might be?

So those are not just cultural and behavioristic, although they're dealt with, but they're also mechanistic, they're also organizational in terms of how people are cast.

For instance, do you give people 20% of their time to be innovative, like the well-known examples of Google and others or do you spin off skunk works and isolate people and say "Aha! you're our innovators".

Or do you look outside the organization for innovation that you have to learn how to incorporate, not just by acquiring but by actually marrying and integrating and harmonizing into your organization.

Building on our curriculum which covers the tools, the competencies, the capabilities, both organizationally and personally that looks at structures such as open innovation and ways to embrace the entire spectrum of opportunity, not just opportunities that come from within the enterprise. We make sure that on the last day of the program, we're focusing on the road map, individually and organizationally for each person.

What are they going to do Monday morning?

We have an entire segment that culminates with people individually crafting road maps for them to implement that they return to their organizations.

In just five days, our participants go through a really change-making experience.

It has to be change-making because if we're asking the to go back to their organization and be change-makers, they have to be prepared for changing themselves.

We go from being sort of academic and learning tools to being immersed in a true innovation experience.

We do it through teamwork, we do it through collaboration, we do it through being students always.