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Pieter Abbeel

Professor, UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

headshot of Pieter Abeel

Pieter Abbeel is a Professor at UC Berkeley’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences school and Director of the Berkeley Robot Learning Lab and co-director of the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) lab. He works in machine learning and robotics. In particular his research focuses on making robots learn from people (apprenticeship learning), how to make robots learn through their own trial and error (reinforcement learning), and how to speed up skill acquisition through learning-to-learn (meta-learning). His robots have learned advanced helicopter aerobatics, knot-tying, and basic assembly, for example. Also, Abbeel, who has won numerous awards for his work, frequently hosts executive groups for lectures and discussions on recent advances and trends in AI. His work has been featured in publications, such as The New York Times, BBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Forbes, Tech Review, and NPR.