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Custom Programs at ExecEd

Every company has its own set of opportunities, challenges and aspirations. For companies seeking a competitive advantage, we partner with you to build learning experiences tailored specifically to your objectives.

Whether you're implementing a new business model, scaling your business, developing your talent or entering a new market, Berkeley Executive Education forges long-lasting partnerships to design and deliver programs directly aligned with your business initiatives and organizational culture.

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Plantronics Leadership Program

In order to remain competitive in today’s disruptive landscape, organizations must become more agile and adapt to the cultural shifts occurring in the marketplace. Plantronics approached UC Berkeley Executive Education about developing a program to train its leaders to adapt to change—which happens to be the research focus of faculty director Homa Bahrami. Bahrami, along with Berkeley professor and communication expert Mark Rittenberg, developed a customized three-day leadership program based on Plantronics’ unique needs. Read the full case study.

Challenging convention is at the heart of the Haas School of Business and UC Berkeley Executive Education. By working closely with you to discover your most critical business objectives, we can offer you dynamic, relevant, customized content that will change the way your leaders think and act.


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The business of the future needs new tools and skills to thrive in a changing world. We help our corporate clients prepare for what's next and overcome current challenges in areas such as market volatility and competition, removing silos that limit growth and communication, building strong teams, aligning values, and so much more. We serve Fortune 500 companies and startups and everyone in between. 


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Through a direct connection with local and global governments, a modern perspective, and deep knowledge of government's own set of complex issues, we have helped many government agencies solve challenges like planning for the future, imagining a new economy, and upscaling workforce innovation. 


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The ever-changing academic landscape calls for a highly tailored and holistic approach, guided by the institution's distinct environment and the needs of its leaders, faculty, community, and students. Through our immersive programming and unique location, we provide participants front row access to experience innovation within the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Program Design and Development

UC Berkeley Executive Education specializes in developing strategic solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries. Our partnerships are characterized by collaboration between the Haas School of Business faculty and real-world practitioners to provide our clients with inventive solutions to their business challenges.

Methodology Stages


Our team works with clients and their stakeholders to thoroughly identify the core of your organization's learning objectives.


Clients, faculty and our team create a learning framework around your organization's needs assessment. The learning framework addresses core business needs, keeping in mind the optimum delivery of the learning, whether it takes place at a client's organization, on campus at Berkeley, online or a combination of all three.


Custom programs can take many forms, whether a week-long intensive on campus or a partnership with blended online learning and executive coaching. Custom clients have a wide range of opportunities to access the Berkeley experience in a way that meets their needs.


Clients forge long lasting partnerships with Berkeley to ensure the learning and development of their organization stays ahead of the curve. Berkeley ExecEd conducts a thorough post-program assessment that helps guide the next phase or phases of the partnership.

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Let us customize a program or programs that meet your business objectives.

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Custom Program News

Professor Kurt Beyer recently led a custom-designed program in partnership with the government of United Arab Emirates. LEARN MORE

Case studies

Executive Education at UC Berkeley offers several opportunities for individuals and organizations to build custom educational experiences. A combined team of Executive Education staff and UC Berkeley faculty work with our clients one-on-one to identify specific challenges, opportunities and objectives...

Developing an Agile Adaptive Organizational Culture

Plantronics is a global consumer electronics company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, with more than 3,000 employees. Plantronics started manufacturing lightweight headsets in 1961 for commercial aviation and the...

Statoil Project Executive Program

Officially renamed Statoil in 2001, the company was originally established by the Norwegian government as the state-owned Norwegian State Oil Company (Den Norske Stats Oljeselskap A/S) in July 1972, just three years after oil was first discovered in...

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland, with funding from the European Union, worked with UC Berkeley Executive Education to create the Top 500 Innovators Program to help bridge the gap between academia and business in...

Cepheid Global Leadership Program

Founded in 1996, Cepheid is a leader in molecular diagnostics, enabling patient specimen testing on a centralized or disseminated basis. Cepheid speeds up the typical diagnostic process, making it possible for medical providers to identify and treat...