Experience a Flexible Learning Schedule

Blended programs include different modules held over 10-18 months. With an extended duration, you can enjoy flexible learning that can fit into your schedule.

Achieve Higher Retention

Learn, practice, apply, and retain. With various program modules, you'll have a longer duration to absorb and understand your new learnings.

Participate in Deeper Collaboration

Engage in peer-to-peer interactions, teamwork, and discussions throughout each module of the blended program.

Gain a Global Network

Connect with and build solid connections with your cohort of global executives throughout your program.

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Blended Experience

Discover the ultimate fusion of learning possibilities through Berkeley Executive Education's exceptional blended programs. Seamlessly combining the advantages of online learning with the interactive essence of in-person sessions, our programs leverage the flexibility of virtual platforms and the immersive power of campus experiences. Engage with our esteemed faculty, collaborate with a diverse cohort of peers, and acquire practical insights to propel your professional growth. Embrace the convenience of remote access while savoring the abundant networking opportunities and dynamic interactions that our on-campus sessions provide. Elevate your skills, expand your network, and accomplish your career aspirations in a transformative and empowering blended learning environment.

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