Give Your Students the Competitive Edge

Facilitate an unrivaled learning experience for your MBA students at the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business. Your students will get an intimate look at the bustling Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem and learn from world-renowned professors, technology entrepreneurs, and industry leaders while at the UC Berkeley campus. Our campus is conveniently located near the epicenter of innovation and technology in the United States, which is home to many of the world’s most successful technology companies, like Apple, Google, Meta, and Cisco. 

Holly Schroth teaching a class

Leveraging the campus’ proximity to Silicon Valley, our immersion program will submerge your students in a hands-on and pragmatic learning journey that goes beyond theory.

Students will be immersed in a diverse curriculum on the latest frameworks and techniques to accelerate innovation, leadership, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. Among other modules, the students will learn the core principles of and how to utilize artificial intelligence, automation, and other technologies that are transforming the global economy directly from the trailblazers who are making the transformation happen.

With global students attending, the immersion program spotlights inclusive perspectives on a variety of curriculum topics.

aerial shot of UC Berkeley campus

Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Experience the unparalleled innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area and learn by engaging with the entrepreneurial community through conversations, fireside chats, and exercises. Students will gain an insider perspective into the core capabilities of entrepreneurs and learn the latest and best innovation practices that industry leaders within Silicon Valley leverage.

Innovative Leadership Program

Gain the skills and practices to become an innovative and visionary leader who can make positive impacts on your team, organization, and larger industry. Develop business agility, high-impact communication skills, and the ability to lead a team with a culture of open innovation and effective collaboration.

Applied Innovation Immersion

Learn the efficient processes to develop adaptive and collaborative tools to transform innovative ideas into real-world products and services. Gain valuable skills in design-centered thinking and idea development, and learn to experiment, prototype, iterate, and pitch, applying these tools to design and redesign solutions and business models.

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