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Product Management Studio

A highly curated online learning experience for aspiring and current product managers. Design, Build, and Manage Products that customers love. Product Management Studio moves you through a dynamic, immersive, and flexible learning experience designed to ensure that the knowledge gained gets put to...


May. 31 - Aug. 05, 2021
Oct. 04 - Dec. 09, 2021
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NextGen Directors Program

The NextGen Directors Program provides corporate governance education and training for future corporate board members from diverse backgrounds who are underrepresented on the boards of directors.


Jun. 04, 2021 - Mar. 11, 2022
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Communications Excellence

Develop executive communications excellence. Master your personal style to engage & persuade your audience. Develop a leadership presence to make an impact.  


Jun. 07 - Jun. 09, 2021
Sep. 13 - Sep. 15, 2021
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New Manager Boot Camp

Build confidence & rapport with new manager training. Embrace your strengths & learn to align, prioritize & solve complex challenges & discover opportunities.  


Jun. 08 - Jun. 24, 2021
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Venture Capital Executive Program

Intensive venture capital certificate program delivered online or in-person. Learn VC investing principles, insider strategies, and network with Silicon Valley's VC leaders. The Venture Capital Investing Cycle. Dynamics of Venture Capital Funds. What Constitutes a VC Quality Deal. Silicon Valley...


Jun. 15 - Jun. 24, 2021
Dec. 07 - Dec. 16, 2021
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High-Impact Leadership

A high-impact leadership training. Motivate, influence by mastering your unique leadership style through theater techniques, role-playing & personal coaching.   Gain Greater Influence. Transform Your Communication Weaknesses into Strengths. Build Meaningful Relationships and Partnerships....


Sep. 01 - Sep. 03, 2021
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Customer Obsessed Design for Product Management

Using the tools of customer-centered design, ethnography and storytelling, you will learn how to conduct successful customer interviews, extract important customer insights from those interviews, share those insights with key stakeholders in your company, and galvanize action around those insights...


Sep. 09 - Oct. 14, 2021
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Product Management

Optimize your product strategy and customer-focused design thinking in the Product Manager program, an immersive five-day experience. The Product Management Certificate Program combines the latest in Design Thinking with the best of the Berkeley Haas MBA program, to prepare you for your dual role: ...


Sep. 20 - Sep. 24, 2021
Nov. 15 - Nov. 19, 2021
Dec. 06 - Dec. 10, 2021
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Financial Data Analysis for Leaders

Demystify finance & accounting in Financial Data Analysis for Leaders. Tell the story behind the numbers. Leave with confidence & data analytics proficiency. Identify and Create New Value. Case-Study Approach. Build Credibility and Contribute More as a Non-Financial Executive. Financial...


Oct. 11 - Oct. 22, 2021
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Leading Strategy Execution through Culture

Develop a roadmap to execute your vision, empower your team's performance, and improve your strategy through a cultural transformation in the intensive culture clinic.  Award-winning, Paul J. Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management, Dr. Jenny Chatman, guides participants through a 2-day...


Oct. 14 - Oct. 15, 2021
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Negotiation and Influence

Learn how to influence, build your confidence, and become a successful negotiator in this three-day program. The Negotiation and Influence program is an intensive, interactive three-day program that will help you develop strategies to effectively plan and prepare for negotiations, and show you how...


Oct. 14 - Nov. 18, 2021
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The Berkeley Executive Leadership Program

Executive leadership program for high-achievers. Personalized plan & coaching that captures your vision, increases influence, leads change, drives innovation... /*-->*/


Oct. 18 - Oct. 27, 2021
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Open Innovation for Leaders

Innovation management program to identify new opportunities, develop a competitive advantage. Learn from esteemed Father of Open Innovation, Henry Chesbrough.


Feb. 10 - Feb. 11, 2022
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Advanced Executive Presence

Prepare for the leadership stage, develop your storytelling skills, and learn how to make an impact in this three-day program. Learn how to inspire, motivate, and influence people, by revealing your beliefs and visions. Participants will employ the art of presence and impactful storytelling in...
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Corporate Business Model Innovation

Learn from the leading pioneer in Open Innovation, Henry Chesbrough, and transform your business strategies. Go beyond traditional R&D to learn how to develop, evaluate and scale new business models from the inside out, and embrace and extend the external startup ecosystem. Maximize Innovation...
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Data Science for Leaders

Learn how to harness data science and business analytic insights to inform your business decisions in this three-day boot camp. Data Science for Leaders equips senior executives with the aptitude to harness data science and business analytic insights to inform strategy, execution, and more...
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Digital Transformation Strategy

Master your leadership in a world of digital disruption and learn how to transform your strategy to compete in a digital world. Understand the New Realities and Challenges of Competing in a Digital World. Driving Market Leadership. Digital Leadership. Maintain Leadership in a World of Digital...
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Executive Decision Making with Data Science

Gain the tools to identify accurate, reliable information to make data-driven decisions that will position your business for success. Learn how your intuition guides you and about the mind traps that can impair effective decision making. You'll leave with the tools to identify accurate, reliable...
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The Innovative Organization

A fresh take on corporate innovation that prepares managers and leaders to embrace the challenges and opportunities of creating a truly ambidextrous, innovative organization. Tapping into the expertise of distinguished Haas faculty, as well as prominent Silicon Valley executives, this five-day...
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Women's Executive Leadership

Women's Leadership Program with evidence-based learning, reality-based knowledge. Leverage unique strengths, build confidence, maximize the potential for success. Establish a Strong Professional Network. For Women by Women. Grow Your Potential. Bring Your Authentic Self to Work. Power and...
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