Advanced Executive Presence

The Leadership Stage is set. It's time for you to share your unique presence with an audience. Learn how to inspire, motivate, and influence people, by revealing your beliefs and visions.

Authentic and inspirational executives influence people through presence and trust. They are capable of engaging with others and demonstrate the five powers of authentic leadership: presence, communication, conviction, intention, and knowledge. During this 3-day, intensive program, participants will employ the art of presence and impactful storytelling in small groups while receiving personalized coaching from faculty.

The Advanced Executive Presence Program builds on the success of High-Impact Leadership and will prepare you for your Leadership Stage by going through the following presentation steps:

Leadership Portrait: Every executive brings their own authentic presence to the stage. To create your leadership portrait, faculty coaches will guide and encourage each participant to share their authentic self and also pay attention to what others in the room are also sharing.

Prepare as a Leader: Observe and share how executives engage and inspire their audiences. How do they "bring magic into the room"? What do they do to prepare before stepping onto the stage?

Meetings: Most companies host "town hall" or all-hands meetings, in which executives inspire their audience. Learn what it takes to deliver a team meeting that touches the minds and hearts of an audience.

The Dress Rehearsal: Break down the elements of the presentation into content/structure, voice, and non-verbal communication. Putting these elements together will set the speaker up to deliver an impactful speech.

Practice & Feedback: During the Dress Rehearsal, the participants will practice delivering their speech, get feedback from their peers and faculty coach, and also get coached on how they can further improve their delivery.

Presenting your Leadership Portrait: Finally, it's time to command your leadership stage. Step onto the stage and share your speech with your audience.


Advanced Executive Presence builds on the success of High-Impact Leadership. To learn more, download our program comparison brochure:

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*Note: Although it builds on the topics, High-Impact Leadership is not a prerequisite for this program.


Key Takeaways

  • Master the "All Hands" meeting
  • Command the room during presentations
  • Develop your unique executive presence
  • Employ the art of giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Share your passion and vision through inspirational storytelling
  • Build valuable relationships in and out of your organization
  • Redefine your leadership communications style for the global stage

Who Should Attend

  • Senior executives
  • Directors
  • Senior Directors
  • Vice Presidents
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Senior Manager
  • Individuals who are moving into a management role
  • Entrepreneurs who are pitching to investors

Dates and Registration

Fee: $5,540
Program Length: 3 days
Location: Berkeley, California

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Program Director
Mark Rittenberg
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Program Director
Doy Charnsupharindr
Executive Coach and Consultant
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Communications Consultant, Executive Coach, and Electrical Engineer
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