1,000+ Participants

An inclusive network of 1,000+ participants

A Global Community

COBE participants are from 60+ countries

Diverse Professional Backgrounds

10% advanced leaders, 21% high-level directors, 39% advancing managers, and 5% entrepreneurs

COBE Benefits & Resources

In addition to game-changing personal and professional benefits, Certificate of Business Excellence participants also enjoy access to some of Berkeley’s most coveted perks.

Promotional Alerts

Be the first to hear about special promotions for program offerings in our open enrollment portfolio

Special Discounts

Receive 15% off eligible future programs upon completion of your first program. Receive 30% off after completion of your COBE

Berkeley Email Forwarding Address

Get an @haas.executivealumni.berkeley.edu email forwarding address

Priority Waitlist Placement

Should an open enrollment program require a waitlist to attend, COBEs enjoy priority status for available seating

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now."

~ Chinese proverb

Our Academic Pillars & Eligible Programs

By spreading educational planning across the four core disciplines below, COBE helps professionals transform into well-rounded, versatile leaders capable of adapting to changing circumstances and succeeding in today's rapidly shifting business landscape.

Each program will only satisfy one pillar requirement.

Leadership & Communication
Finance & Business Acumen

The Superpower of The Future is Versatility

Leaders who have a comprehensive knowledge of the entire business ecosystem, in addition to specialized skills in their area of focus, are better equipped to make informed decisions, adapt to changing circumstances, lead diverse teams, foster innovation, and build trust and credibility.

COBE graduate with Maura O'Neill

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I approach my employer for support for reimbursement and time off?

Maximize your chances of success when approaching your employer with these tips:

  • Frame your request 
    Emphasize the program's alignment with your organization's strategic objectives and provide examples that showcase potential outcomes. Don't forget, all subsequent programs qualify for a 15% off Executive Education Alumni discount!
  • Come prepared 
    Share the program brochure, schedule, and objectives with your manager to help them understand the program's relevance to your role and the organization.
  • Pace yourself
    Plan to complete one to two programs per calendar year, as the program is designed for a three-year duration.

Let us know how we can help: Whether you need assistance working with your employer or establishing a payment structure, reach out to us at the form below. We're here to support you.

Who should enroll in the Certificate of Business Excellence?

Participants join the Certificate of Business Excellence Program for various reasons, such as advancing their current position, transitioning to a new role, or equipping themselves with the skills to tackle multiple challenges in their industry. By leveraging the comprehensive and blended four-pillar COBE framework, participants address perceived gaps in their executive toolkit, resulting in enhanced leadership abilities.

Berkeley stands out as the ideal choice due to its immersive learning environment, research-driven curriculum, and the opportunity to collaborate with an executive-level cohort within the dynamic Silicon Valley ecosystem. Committing to the 17-day program offers participants a prestigious credential from a world-class university, setting them apart as distinguished professionals.

Join the program to excel in your career and gain a distinctive edge in today's competitive business landscape.

How much does it cost?

Each learning journey in the Certificate of Business Excellence program is tailored to meet the participant's specific needs. On average, the cost for the mandatory 17 days of executive programs ranges from $17,000 to $31,000, depending on the specific program selections. Rest assured, there are no upfront or additional fees required during the registration process.

Furthermore, participants can benefit from a 15% alumni discount on all subsequent programs after completing their first one. This discount serves as a valuable opportunity to continue enhancing your skills and knowledge while enjoying cost savings as an esteemed program alum.

MBA vs Certificate of Business Excellence - which is right for me?

Choosing between pursuing a master's degree in business or a business excellence certification is a matter of personal preference. Several factors come into play when making this decision, including the price point, level of commitment, breadth of topics covered, availability of resources, program classification, and financing options.

To explore these decision points further and receive personalized guidance, we encourage you to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation.

Do I have to sign up for the Certificate first or can I wait until after I have taken a program?

Whether you choose to sign up for the Certificate of Business Excellence before or after taking your first program, you can still become a valued member of our community. If you decide to enroll in COBE from the start, your program hours will count towards the 17-day requirement for the certificate. On the other hand, if you prefer to join later, you can still apply any program hours you've completed toward the certification. However, due to the COBE structure, you may want to schedule a consultation early on to ensure you are selecting programs that count toward your 17-day requirement.

The choice is yours. Whether you decide to join early or later, we are excited to welcome you into the Certificate of Business Excellence community and support you in achieving your professional goals.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Start your certificate journey by registering for your Certificate of Business Excellence and scheduling a personal consultation call to discuss your interests and concerns.