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You've heard of Open Innovation. You've heard of Lean Startup. Now is the time to learn from the leaders in both of these fields how to go beyond the buzzwords and transform your innovation process and get breakthrough products to market with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Join Berkeley Haas professor and pioneer in the concept of Open Innovation, Henry Chesbrough, and lean startup innovator and Executive Director of the Innovation Acceleration Group at UC Berkeley, Andre Marquis, for this three-day program focused on launching new business model innovations that can capture and drive differentiated competitive value for your company. Go beyond traditional R&D to learn how to develop, evaluate and scale new business models from the inside out and embrace and extend the external startup ecosystem.

Maximize Innovation Delivery
This program is targeted at innovation managers, R&D managers and C-level executives. It will inspire you to rethink and reshape your business assumptions and strategies. You will learn new concepts in business model innovation, open innovation strategies and how to apply lean startup models in a corporate context. This training session goes beyond what you may have seen before and includes modules on restructuring your teams to inspire innovation, aligning strategy and political factors with lean methodologies, and designing and managing a portfolio of a lean go-to market plans.
Session topics include:
  • Open Innovation and Business Model Innovation
  • The Business Model Canvas from Inside the Corporation
  • Lean Startup Theory and Customer Development
  • Power and Politics: Aligning Strategy, Metrics That Matter and Outcomes
  • Building and Testing Your Lean Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Designing an Effective Integration Plan for Your Venture
Professor Chesbrough, author of Open Business Models: How to Thrive in the New Innovation Landscape, is joined by Andre Marquis, former head of the NSF Innovation Corps in the Bay Area and Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship as well as other UC Berkeley Haas faculty and industry experts from Silicon Valley.


Key Takeaways

  • Use open innovation to identify new business opportunities
  • Characterize your current business model, and its strengths and weaknesses
  • Generate potentially successful new business model designs in a corporate setting
  • Test business models early, to increase the chances of success later
  • Recognize internal “Innovation Killers” and overcome them
  • Validate potential new ideas and potential partners
  • Collaborate effectively with start-up firms and internal entrepreneurs
  • Change the organization to increase chances of success with a new business model

Who Should Attend

  • Senior level managers
  • CMOs
  • Business strategy and development professionals
  • R&D professionals

Dates and Registration

Fee: $5,250
Program Length: 3 days
Location: Berkeley, California

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Program Director
Henry Chesbrough
Adjunct Faculty, Haas School of Business
Dr. Henry Chesbrough is a professor at the Haas Business School (Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation), UC Berkeley, and executive director for The Center for Open Innovation, which focuses on...
Program Director
Andre Marquis
Andre Marquis is the former Executive Director of the Innovation Acceleration Group at the University of California Berkeley. He and his team have built a scalable, global infrastructure to deliver...