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Zia Karim, Ph.D. completed his Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE) from UC Berkeley Executive Education in 2019. He...
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Women often face backlash when they are ambitious
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A Glassdoor study found that it
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Inflation is at a record high, the highest it’s been since 1981.
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Personal storytelling is a powerful communication tool – in and outside of the business setting.
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The Art of the Story
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What is Storytelling in Business?
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In 2019, Larry Green learned about UC Berkeley Executive Education by attending a custom Product Management program with
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Martina Kolpondinos, Digital Innovation Strategist
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Want to gain deeper empathy for women leaders and develop stronger synergy within your workplace? Download the full Women's...
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Women make up about half the workforce in the United States. Despite this, on average, women earn less than men.