While teaching a custom program with Mahidol University International College in Thailand, Professor Homa Bahrami was interview
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Global industry analyst Josh Bersin is partnering with UC Berkeley Executive Education to conduct a unique, two-day eve
Rashi Mehta co-founded Rahi Systems, a global enterprise information
In a world that is unpredictable and rapidly changing, lifelong learning is no longer a matter of standing out, but of
In 2016, Steve Hubert of London, United Kingdom, was ready to take his personal development to the next level.
Former Berkeley Haas Dean Rich Lyons has been named as UC Berkeley’s first-ever Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer (
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Zappos says its 10 core values are a “way of life,” while Netflix details seven aspects of its culture, nine “highly valued beh
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With the burgeoning power and influence of social media, what organizations say and how they say it matters now more than ever.
We are excited to announce that Berkeley Executive Education was ranked one of the top US Business schools for executive progra
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