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The Future of Work

futuristic photo of a city's skyline

Will remote work become a permanent fixture in the workplace landscape? Will the recent trend of massive resignation continue? Will AI and automation affect the availability of job positions?

We would love to declare that we have all of the answers to these pertinent questions, but unfortunately, we do not. The past two years have been riddled with countless uncertainties and consequentially a transformation of what we previously considered the norm. Globally, we have thought nimbly and reconstructed our work processes, supply chains, manufacturing, and more to ultimately adapt to the ever-changing circumstances throughout the pandemic. But regardless of the resilience we have shown throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, further disruption in the coming years is inevitable. 

Going forward, we as professionals and executives must all take on the role of leaders to proactively prepare for the future. Being complacent in your current job role and company will not equip you for success. 

We at Berkeley Executive Education have passionately researched what the Future of Work may look like. Gathering reports from institutions, like McKinsey, Gallup, Accenture, KPMG, and PwC, and consulting with our distinguished UC Berkeley faculty, we have consolidated the main areas that the C-suite, CHROs, and professionals should currently focus on. 

Download the below papers to learn key findings: