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The State of Venture Capital

Lightbulb taking off towards the sky leaving a bunch of lightbulbs behind laying on the ground

The impact of venture capital on the innovation economy makes it an essential tool for corporate leaders and investors alike. With VC operating at all-time highs and its broad impact on every business sector, it has never been more critical to understand the workings of venture capital.

The impact of venture-backed innovation to benefit society is in plain sight:

  • Critical major vaccine breakthroughs to address the pandemic were created by venture-backed companies [e.g. Moderna and Vaccitech/Oxford/AstroZenica]
  • Venture-backed companies enabled the work-from-home transformation and all-important resiliency [Zoom, Slack, et al.]
  • Food delivery [DoorDash, et al.], Education, Health Care, everywhere one looks one can see the impact

All this rests against the backdrop of venture capital itself undergoing tectonic shifts:

  • Records levels of venture capital activity
  • Record levels of IPO activity, and new structures [e.g. SPACs] providing expanded access
  • New global investing strategies
  • New Venture firm structures [e.g. Sequoia, Angel funds, University shared carry funds etc.]
  • New sector participants [e.g. Tiger Global, Softbank] making waves

Understanding venture capital, the players, the structures, and the opportunities is an essential skill for every sophisticated investor, entrepreneur, and corporate manager engaged in the innovation economy.

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