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Driving Change through Digital Transformation Initiatives

Case Study

In an effort to drive digital innovation, a leading multinational technology company turned to Berkeley Executive Education for a wide range of curriculum offerings that leveraged our expertise in the future of business technology. Founded in 1975, the company produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Today, it employs nearly 220,000 people and is one of the Big Five U.S. information technology companies. The name of the client is withheld for privacy reasons. 

As the company implemented a number of digital innovation initiatives, they recognized an opportunity to improve their digital advisor's understanding of digital transformation and disruptive technology trends. By becoming more knowledgeable on technology-related topics, they reasoned that their team would be able to better communicate and engage with clients and customers. Second, the team needed to develop their skills to effectively translate consumer insights into ideas and drive change. The company targeted three of our Technology Strategies programs within our Open Enrollment portfolio to lead the initiative, and in 2022, the first cohort entered the program.

Organizational Challenge 

Prior to working with Berkeley Exec Ed, our client had added a team of digital consultants to their worldwide sales and global business department. The organization's leadership recognized the need for training to address their various skill gaps and improve their implementation of new technologies. By addressing these challenges and providing learning opportunities, the client would be able to help their Digital Advisors transition to more customer-centric roles and more easily adapt to new technologies and changing business models.

Program Overview 

In 2022, a group of more than 50 newly appointed digital advisors were selected to participate in two months of training. Our client's leadership team narrowed the focus of the program to three open enrollment, online programs offered by Berkeley Exec Ed: Digital Transformation, Future of Technology, and Artificial Intelligence - Business Strategies and Applications.

Digital Transformation

Focuses on transforming an organization by leveraging the power of digital technology and data management, and using a mix of tools and frameworks from data science, IT management, and marketing. Attendees will learn from the top thought leaders in digital transformation. 

Future of Technology

Explores emerging tech such as AI, IoE, robotics, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and blockchain with a focus on key trends, insights, strategies, and implications. Participants emerge with new tools and frameworks for envisioning, assessing, and creating technology-driven futures. 

Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications

A study of AI and how these technologies can be applied to benefit organizations seeking to improve outcomes and productivity. Students complete the program with a good understanding of the technical aspects of AI, enabling them to communicate effectively with technical teams and peers. 

Program Results

Based on post-program feedback, the Digital Advisors who participated in our program shared overwhelmingly positive results, which were echoed by leaders within the organization. Key program benefits identified by Berkeley Exec Ed's learning team include:

  • Increased openness to collaboration within the group's respective teams as the program progressed
  • Very engaged efforts on the program's capstone projects, resulting in exceptionally high-quality work that could lend itself to organizational application

Program Highlights

  • Aspirational feelings and an inspired energy to apply learnings 
  • Ability to explore current business processes and tie those into related organizational needs and initiatives
  • Ability to demonstrate  to leadership their new knowledge and commitment
  • Recognizing their training as a benefit the organization as a whole, as it moves into the future