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Expanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Fluency

Among Product Teams

Case Study

In partnership with a leading financial services organization, Berkeley Executive Education developed a customized AI and Machine Learning certification program for their product managers. The organization has been revolutionizing the banking industry through data and technology for over 25 years. Best known for specializing in credit cards, loans, banking, and savings, they now employ over 50,000 people and manage over 40 million accounts. We are not disclosing the name of the client for privacy reasons.

Organizational Challenge 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to significantly disrupt the financial services industry, including how financial services firms interact with their customers. Our client sought to develop a customized learning journey to improve the artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) fluency of its product management team. By improving the team's overall understanding of AI/ML and familiarizing them with related terminology, the company foresaw that it would help their product team better identify new opportunities, reduce inefficiencies, and shorten the time to market for their new products.

Program Overview

Our client’s leadership team approached Berkeley Executive Education about co-developing a customized program for their product management team to better acquaint them with AI/ML topics and fundamentals. Together, with input from our faculty, led by Professors Zsolt Katona and Thomas Lee, the program covered the fundamentals of AI and machine learning applications, as well as neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing. There was also a focus on establishing a common language around AI/ML to help their product managers fully understand the related technical language and improve communication around complex initiatives. The team also reviewed industry-specific case studies and completed a final capstone project, designed specifically for the firm, for an AI and ML project proposal.

Program Results

The program's impact was far-reaching, as evidenced by feedback from stakeholders who deemed it highly impactful. In fact, the Berkeley Executive Education team has now been engaged to provide the program to a much larger pool of employees.

Individual participants from the Product Management Team reported feeling more confident in their ability to communicate using technical terms and collaborate on projects involving AI-driven applications. The program helped to develop a shared language that facilitated their collaboration and enabled them to produce impressive Capstone project presentations.

  • The Capstone projects revealed exciting new AI and ML opportunities that have influenced the organization's future product offerings. 
  • The program proposal that was selected for development has already resulted in an actual product for the organization.

Overall, the AI/ML program exceeded expectations and left a lasting impact on the participants and the organization as a whole.